Someone had to ask before long!

Any other suggestions? Sent a PM to Si Click a few days ago and no news back as yet.

Given the positive responses I have had here i'm thinking about trying a different careers office to see what type of welcome I get there!! Want to make sure i'm not wasting the careers bods time as well or my own before I apply though.


1000lb_freefall said:
If you do join the FAA looking to go back to FJ, then you'll end up at Cott/Witt working with Crabs anyway. JFH isn't the bed roses that it's made out to be. The raf are basically uniformed civil serpants in their outlook, they are more job protectionist than any Union, are overmanned to f**k and can't even wipe their own a*ses without consulting a wing commander and forming "Wiping a*se commitee" to be headed by an Air Commodore. Go Lynx/Junglie/Merlin and avoid the crabs at all costs.

Naughty naughty, while you may be right concerning those in the zobbit group, as an ex airframe fitter, I can assure you that we were all perfectly capable of wiping our own a*ses without the aid of a committee :) besides which, we never had to take a turn in a barrel :lol: :lol: :lol:
Yes that was a thought. Flew with quite a few Aussies, Kiwi's and South Africans who suggested the same. From my research, however, they are more looking for QFI's with FJ experience. Think they struggle getting bods through on the F18's.

Good news is things are looking more hopefull now. Don't want to get my hopes up just yet though! I will keep you informed!