Some youngsters like to make amends

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by Cpt_Black, Dec 14, 2008.

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  1. Been following this story for a few weeks now.
    Sort of restores my faith in the youth to be honest :)
  2. But why did he take the dog, it didn't nick the boat :w00t:
  3. To remind him of his girlfriend?
  4. Now come on guys, those cold winter nights can be very lonely for a young man you know!
  5. I usually got blootered when I had one.
  6. What a lad, eh?

    Goes to show not all of us young 'uns are complete pricks.
  7. It would take a very narrow minded person to tar all of the 'younsters' in the UK with the same brush. It would also be rather narrow minded to say all Muslims are terrorists as was implied in another thread on here earlier
  8. Well done that man. :w00t:

    On a similar theme the gathering of bikers in Carlow on the annual Christmas toy run brings forth a different image for bikers. :thumright:

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