Some Yank with an inferiority complex

Discussion in 'The Corps' started by aljh, Jan 20, 2012.

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  1. Morning all, it's been a while. Came across this twat on YouTube, thought some of you might find his videos interesting...

  2. Come on Blobby fes up you rig thieving idea stealing towel thrower inner bastard.
    What you and that other Kiwi wimp go to say now a real man puts us straight.:laughing2:laughing2::-D:
  3. It's not a complex. It's actual inferiority.
  4. I have noticed he invites neither comments on his videos nor messages. Shame, I was going to bully him.
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  5. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    The problem with psychologically deranged individuals & computers is that YouTube provides the platform they crave whilst transmitting and has the functionality to deny feedback.
  6. Me too MLP. I was going to bring up his obvious abuse as a child. Might send him a message instead. Cockmuncher.
  7. Anyone get the feeling this lad/lass walked in on his mum and 40's mortar troop having fun?
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  8. It's all true of course, our 130 odd years of previous exsistance to the founding of the USMC are but a figment of a Corps pissed DLs imagination.
    A pity he has blocked comments as I was going to ask him when the USMC was going to copy the Royal Marines saving so many American lives at Chosin.
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  9. What a total cock muncher he is, pity that comments are not enabled, could have had so much fun dismantling his theories.
  10. Sadly having read wiki, I have to refute your claim not only of saving them but of being there in the first place.
    It clearly mentions the USMC several times but unfortunatly your bunch were just UN troops.
    Any fighting and winning = USMC.
    The RM can only get a metion of 78 dead. I think they flew the bodies in to call them UN troops.:-|:laughing2::-D
  11. You mean he was lying?
    I'm gutted.:laughing2:
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  12. We all know if the world gets attacked by giant monsters, UFOs, aliens, dinosaurs etc etc the U.S military is the finest in the world and not forgetting the shit they talk but I must add not all of them are like that.
  13. Surely a bite attempt Rumrat?

    I can understand wikipoop getting it wrong as 41 Ind Cdo RM where under direct command of the USMC and therefore do not appear as UK forces I guess
  14. Gents:

    At risk of being a self-publicist (Mods, feel free to delete if that is the case): My new book "Scorched Earth, Black Snow: Britain and Australia in the Korean War, 1950" is out as of this week.

    It covers 27th Comonwealth Brigade in the defense of South Korea and the invasion of North Korea, and the terrible winter retreat when China struck.

    It also covers 41 Cdo's raids - 230 miles behind enemy lines.

    The climax of the book features 41's actions at Chosin Reservoir: In my opinion, the most harrowing battle fought by UK or US troops in modern history.

    I hope that members of this forum may find it of interest. Although the Korean War is largely unknown today, it remains the biggest, the bloodiest and most brutal war fought by British troops since WWII.

    The biggest? This was a war of advances and retreats of hundreds of miles, facing the army of the most populous state on earth: Red China/

    The bloodiest? More Britons were KIA in three intense years in Korea than in the Falklands, Iraq and Afghan (to date) conflicts combined.

    The most brutal? Korea featured the only invastion of a communist state by Free World forces during the Cold War. It was fought with terrific savagery on both sides - and examples of this are included in the book.

    The book took just over two years to research and write. The story unfolds in the words of some 90 interviewees. FYI, I paste a couple of commando-related excerpts below.

    Best wishes -
    Andrew Salmon
    Author, "To the Last Round" and "Scorched Earth, Black Snow"

    Not read it yet, but will have to now.

    Not forgeting of course the Boxer rebelion another battle that the RM and USMC fought side by side.
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  15. I am at present unable to outrun bootnecks so I would opt for the former option.:laughing2:

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