Some Women are totaly mental!

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by boxy, Feb 17, 2010.

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  1. ok i have met this woman who will actually do anything i want......i mean ANYTHING!

    it has got to the point now where im saying stuff now to see if she would do it.

    also i have tryed to make sexist jokes to her like well if you did that i might let you off your chain in the kitchen for a while, but she just eather makes a yay i want to be chained up and to be your bitch or ok do you want a beer when im off the chain....i cant bloody believe it, also she isnt ugly or anything, im completly stunned that such a woman exists, there is no red line with this woman unless its with animals or midgets.

    so i have come to the conclusion of she is really crazy and has not shown her true side and is luring me into a sence of security waiting to wake me up with a kitchen knife pointing to my chest

    she is starting to scare me with the crap about im going to whip the shit out of you, she is into all that bondage stuff, i got no idea what she likes but so far there is no limit, is she mental or amazing?

    has anyone else ever found sombody like this, and if so was she mental or amazing.
  2. Suggest a three way. If she says yes, marry the bitch :twisted: :lol:
  3. already have...and she has not said no yet
  4. Ask her to give space docking a wee go that will sort the women from the girls.
  5. PMSL i just googled that....very wrong, but ill ask her to see if she will do it
  6. did you get the the shit on her one, or the shit in the condom one and freeze it as thats the one i am on about.
  7. I know it has something to do with bacon and string but dont know what happens.
  8. I was flucking thrilled to find someone (on the internet) who promised to be like that.

    Turned out to be a gay bloke who tricked me into wanking on cam. :angry7:

  9. The Schoolbus
    A train involving young boys (5-12) with a 40 year old man up front.
    that one is just wrong.
  10. sorry i edited pink socking it because when i looked it up it was not what i was told, it said that it was basicaly a donkey punch in the back of the head.

    but i hurd the same as you about the bacon in the throat and before you cum you pull it out and her ass gets tighter or somthing.

    i have just found a cracker called the amish plow, its on the link above
  11. urban dictionary pink socking.
    Before sex, cook up some bacon. Tie a string around this bacon, and get your lady to eat said bacon, leaving the string hanging from her mouth. Proceed with anal intercourse. As you reach climax, pull the string, pulling the bacon from your lady's throat. Her anal uscles will tighten immeasurably. Tehn pull out- her rectum will invert as you pull out, leaving a "pink sausage" hanging out of her arse.
  12. now that would be funny to see
  13. Blackrat

    Blackrat War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

  14. You twat! When did you meet Mrs jjp?!?! :twisted:
  15. The 'Alabama Hot Pocket.'

    I must try this.
  16. [email protected]! Thought I told you not to tell anyone bout us.................

  17. jenny im sorry, but i like to share..........dont worry i wont tell them about when i amish plowed you
  18. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    Make sure you carry a plank :oops:

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