Some sobering reading.

Discussion in 'History' started by 2_deck_dash, Nov 26, 2009.

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  1. Just found this:

    Surprising how many matelots die in car/bike accidents.

    3 of my old shipmates are unfortunately on the list:

    MEM Scott Kirby, my DHP oppo on Exeter (Car crash)
    OM Jamie Graham, classmate during seamanship training (Car crash)
    WEA Andy Port, room mate at Collingrad (Bike crash)

    RIP fellas.
  2. A good mate of mine is on there too. Not sure where they got her branch name from, Weapons Ordnance mechanic? Wren Operator Mechanic if you please.

    MUNT, Elizabeth, Weapon Ordnance Mechanic (W.O.M.) (Electronic Warfare)

    Regardless, RIP Liz. Sorely, sorely missed.
  3. Just trawled through the list from 1970 onwards, there's quite a few I served with on there, one I joined up with (and got his branch wrong) and another I was pall bearer for to mention 2. There's 4 I knew since 2000, one of whom I didn't even know had died (Jim Schmidt).
  4. This chap was the ship's barber in the Aurora, and I feel really sorry that he died of Rum poisoning on his Birthday, as the chap set to watch him fell asleep as well, and Punchy died of asphyxiation on vomit.

    Friday, 4 October 1968


    PULLEYN, Raymond, Leading Ordnance Electrical Mechanic (O.E.M.), M 937199, died

    Left a wife and two lovely little kids.

    Sdited to say I think he was 32/33
  5. Fife

    DAVISON, Joseph, Marine Engineering Mechanic 1c, D099533V, died.

    Called into Civita Veccia and most of us grabbed the free coaches to Rome, Joe and his oppo Pete stayed in the shithole CV drinking the local vino.
    Got wasted and stole a car, Joe, driving on the left in his stupor hit a fully laden truck pulling an equally loaded trailer.

    Pete was thrown clear through the passenger door suffering a burst spleen and bad concussion, touch and go for a few days in dock.

    Joe went through the windscreen losing his head and right arm, duty killick stoker who was also a barcode like Joe had to identify him which he did on the 'making bacon' ink on his left arm, this was on a gutting slab in the local butchers, Ities eh.

    Police guard on Pete in dock as a gun was found under the back seat of the car and they were gonna charge him on recovery, after intervention by the skipper via Rome consul all charges were dropped.
  6. Had "Sam" English down as a "Chief Electrical Mechanic 1st class"

    Control electrical Mechanic 1st class. CEM1 if you please
  7. I noticed that as well
  8. There's a lot of bizarre interpretation of branch abbreviations on there, should be gripped really.
  9. Theres two RFA lads on there who went overtboard off the Isle of Mann in 2005, I knew knew Mark Petre (AB) if anyone's interested theres another site,

    where there is quite a list, there are a few ex-RN who crossed over whilst serving in the RFA on there so you may recognise some. the war years even have RN serving on RFA's.

    just a quick edit, I had a look on the home page and it look as if a lad from the US compiles the list so hence the americanised branch titles

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