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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by whiteknight, Dec 10, 2008.

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  1. Hey folks, currently considering joining the RN. Few quick questions

    Starting salary of £13k when does this go up, website says end of phase 2, is that after raleigh or after trade training?

    Looking to join Marine Engineering Tech, does anybody know the waiting time for going in?

    And how long could a Marine Engineering Tech expect to spent at sea?

  2. I do believe that the pay goes up to 16k when you become an abled rating, which is when you pass phase 2. Basic training is phase 1, trade training is phase 2. I believe there's a phase 3 too, which is your first completed duty? However there's lots of very informative people on this forum who will no doubt fully answer your questions. Alternatively you can contact an AFCO at your local careers office.
  3. on entry £13,013

    After 26 weeks training or completion of phase 2 (whichever is sooner) £16,227

    any help?
  4. cheers, know al i have to do is get fit, lose the beef and give up the fags
  5. Regarding pay,

    What qualifies for pay beyond £16,227. Is it a case of time served or courses attended or both?
  6. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Exactly. Pick-up (after ALL stoppages) around £770 per month intially.

    Waiting time for ET(ME) about 6 months from passing the Recruiting Test to entry.

    As with all sea-goers, you can expect to be deployed roughly 6 months every 18 away from UK with 1-3 month periods away from UK in the average 6 month period. (ish).

    Your pay increases incrementally each year on each nautical birthday (anniversary of joining) by roughly 1/9th of the difference between £16K- £27.5K, over 9 years, assuming you do not get promoted.

    If you do get promoted you shift onto a wider pay banding which again usually has 9 annual increments and so on...
  7. Thanks Ninja. So no extra pay for courses?
  8. That's good to know, I'd never really understood that on the rates of pay sheet. Is this pay increase regardless of age?
  9. You can be Gay in todays Navy you know. :dwarf:
  10. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    It is indeed.

    Whilst it is fair with regard age discrimination, the problem is that the older the joiner is, they invariably have more financial commitments & are therefore less likely to be able to afford to live on that wage.

    A person with few financial commitments has few worries, but unless the older joiner has a partner, who is also on a full time wage, it is often the case that they will opt to join the RNR instead & continue to earn a competitive civilian wage.
  11. just make sure you take your p45 and p60 etc with you when you join or you will end up being emergency taxed as the p46 they give you do not get inputted in time for your first pay.

    also i would take more money than the £80 if you can afford it as you can go to the naafi much earlier than you are told at the afco. you will definately forget something or not have something your oppo has.

    all in all i loved raleigh and am loving phase 2.
  12. hmm go into the navy gay, why do i have to change my sexuality to join? this is an outrage!
  13. Shippers how fast are Communication Technicians being promoted nowadays? Are there more lasses than lads these days too?
  14. Yeah, would like to know the answer to Jack_thelads questions above aswell? Anyone?
  15. Pm ninja_stoker, he will know, being a recruiter and all. Comms techs require the highest RT score I believe, and their phase 2 training is VERY long for obvious reasons. Imo they deserve fast promotion, Id bet they are more intelligent than the vast majority of officers.

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