Some questions on MAs, Open University, and the Silent Service

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Mr_Gillette, Oct 10, 2017.

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  1. Evening, ladies and gentlemen *cough cough*,

    I've been trying to find a bit of information about how much sea time MA(GS) and MA(SM) currently do. I've read on other threads that MA(GS) tend to not do much time at sea and I wanted some clarification on that as well as whether it is the same for MA(SM).

    This kinda leads me into my next question about the OU.

    The MA(SM) role is definitely what I want to do, however I am currently studying with the OU and I want to carry on studying after training is done and dusted. How feasible is this on boats, considering my course has both iCMAs and mostly online study materials? Can I take a laptop on deployment? It seems to me that perhaps general service might afford me a little more leeway with studying, would it be advisable to go MA(GS) and then volunteer for boats once I've got the degree out of the way?

    Any advice or questions would be great.

    Thanks in advance.
  2. To be fair, I studied with the OU and if you are out of range they may send you paper versions of the computer based assessments and I'm sure you already know you can submit your essays via mail. I'd still say GS would afford you the greatest opportunity to post off your assignments though!

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  3. I know a few that have done OU's whilst on boats. You can take a laptop to sea but you will be cut off from the world completely for up to 3 months at a time on boats, so forget the internet when you're at sea.
  4. Thanks for your responses guys.

    I guess all the course content is downloadable so lack of internet probably wont be the biggest problem. Just a thought, are there a lot of charging points on boats for personal electronics?

    How about sea time for MAs on boats? I've read on other threads that MA(GS) tend to get little sea time, does this translate to boats aswell?
  5. There aren't many 230v sockets to charge your personal stuff but they are there.

    I don't know the difference between the sea/shore ratio but would guess MA(SM) does more as they are a smaller sub-branch (pun not intended). MA(SM) has more quals as, apart from the normal medical work, they are the boats Health Physics team.

    And when they're not doing that, they're planesmen :)
  6. Hi, Wrecker

    From what I understand, work on the boats is done in shifts of 6 on and 6 off. Now, is this a solid 6 hours free time or is it also used as time to do mandatory training/cleaning duties/etc?
  7. What are you studying with OU just out of interest?
  8. Until you are qualified you'll find it is 24 on and no off! The 6 on/6 off is right. It should / could be 6 off, but if you are needed, then......... life in a blue suit as they say. Also, you are unique onboard, so there may be differences in your work/off schedule. In addition to your main 'job' you will have several other onboard 'jobs', one of which will be driving, for which you have to be trained. You'll be doing this on your 6 on, as well as anything else that needs to be done in 'your world'.
  9. Your 6 off is yours to do with as you will AFTER you've got your dolphins, occasionally things like evolutions, harbour stations, diving stations etc can ruin your off watch time.
  10. BSc (Hons) Mathematics and Physics

    I figured its all gonna be hell for leather for at least 2-3 years before I can think about getting on with my degree again.

    Thanks for all the information, you have all been very helpful :)
  11. @Mr_Gillette You will also have to factor in some sleep into your day. Submarines pay little or no heed to your body clock so grabbing some shut-eye when you can is very important.
  12. I did my OU at sea on boats, the only real down side is if you are stuck or struggling, zero help, some said ask the engineers? They used to take one of my TMA questions away as a challenge? I sat one of my final maths exams at sea, by prior arrangement the OU will send papers to the education officer to be locked in a safe. With TMA's completed and handed in at sea, time and date stamped when handed in, a bit of give and take was allowed due to operational need, kin hard to cheat on an SM when you can not speak to the outside world. It is not easy even after qualifying its head in books ever chance you get, good look with joining and future aims.
  13. Sleep is for the weak ;)

    That is a golden nugget of information and exactly what I've been trying to get out of the OU student advisors, thank you Sumo.

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