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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Deltadelta, Dec 3, 2015.

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  1. I have my 2nd navy interview in a month and I'm struggling to find any information regarding pre-ssn/ssbn. Things like wet/dry training, ETWS details, I've only came across the stuff on the official/careers website of the RN and would rather find some more in-depth about what I should be expected to encounter.

    Last time I was there, I was asked these questions but the stuff I replied with, being that what I found on the site wasnt good enough and I want to be more prepared this time around.
  2. So your question is?

    And try the search function, it's all on there plus there's a thread running at the moment wrt submarine training.
  3. "I've only came across the stuff on the official/careers website of the RN and would rather find some more in-depth about what I should be expected to encounter"

    Any in depth information regarding either of those.
  4. I am in the same position, looking for as much info as I can to best prepare for interview. I agree, it is not easily available. But the good thing about this is that if you do find, and remember it, then it shows that you have really done your homework. If they just listed everything in bullet points on their website then it would be too easy.

    Look at the thread I made in the Submariners forum, the link another poster pointed me to shows what to expect from your phase 2, what you'll be doing, location duration etc.
  5. much appreciated.
  6. I'm a little confused about the rundown of the timeline I'm trying to figure out,
    Am I wrong in thinking you first go to HMS Raleigh for basic training (10 weeks) then 4 more months doing Submariner training?
    from there to go to HMS Collingwood for the dry-phase of training (Not entirely sure on the week-by-week information here) then Phase2 is HMS Clyde? (I think I saw somewhere this changed to 30 weeks? Or did I read an older article about this?)

    Im a little fuzzy regarding the more indepth details, I'm trying to find as much as possible but I'm just swamped with work/rowing and I have little control over my shifts. Any help is much appreciated.
  7. Um, I am no submariner but HMS Clyde?
    I doubt it somehow. I suspect you mean HMNB Faslane. However, I think it al depends on which Submarine class you are streamed for.
    Certainly ten weeks at Raleigh - unless you are Officer Entry.
  8. Apologies I meant this place. in helenburgh ( knew it was Helenburgh just wasnt sure on HMNB/HMS
    *edit* just noticed you said Faslane, miscommunication lol.

    I'm aiming for ETWE, which if I remember rightly is in HMS Sultan(?) but again, unsure of the week-by-week details.
  9. I've already answered this but for the hard of search function operation, Raleigh for 10 weeks, Collingwood for ET(WE) training, HMS Drake (Plymouth) for SMQ(Dry) for T boats, HMS Neptune (Faslane) for A or V boats. SMQ(D) is 10 weeks).
  10. Im currently using the function, got like 7 tabs open all for this and I'm scrounging for info. Things like this
    Is this still 30 weeks for ETWE?
  11. So as a ETWS, you dont go to HMS Sultan? Are exams required before moving on to the next stage? Is there anywhere I can find more in-depth details about each phase?
  12. Why would a ET(WE) go to Sultan? It's the ME and AET training establishment.

    There are more exams than you can shake a stick at, so yes, there are exams before you move on, how would they know you've hoisted in the information!

    As you've not got through Raleigh gate yet, worry about getting through Phase 1 for now. all the rest will be explained in good time, you're getting ahead of yourself.
  13. Please can anyone help me. I plan my life in advance so that I am not dealt any surprises, I am 12 and thinking about becoming a sailor. I understand that the navy will train me, give me clothing and even accommodate me once I am on a ship. Reading articles here I also understand that promotion is possible. I am planning to become a Captain in charge of a ship, this should take me a few years.
    However my real question is when I am due to leave the navy after 22 years what will the navy do to help me get a job?
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  14. Fuck all, to be fair
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  15. I would say less than Fork Hall. (Probably )
  16. Are people really going to mock me for wanting to absorb as much information as possible? /:
  17. Pretty much.
    Well figured out, you'll go far :)
  18. Yes next question
  19. It's called Naval humour, that's some more information for you :)

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