Some Pics from the Commando Challenge 2009

Here is a few pics from Sunday.

Once again thanks to those who supported and donated.

Waiting to go to the start line

At the start line getting ready to go.

Getting caught up with traffic at the sheep dip

Coming out of the sheep dip

Leaving the sheep dip

Me & Craig arriving at the finish line ahead of the team

Turning round at the finish line to go back and get the rest of th team (Time stops when last member of team crosses so didn't have much choice)

Telling my family what I was doing when they looked surprised I was running back lol

The team catches up

Running backwards cos I could lol

Finished at the end and well muddy

The team - Cannon Fodder from left to right

Mate Craig, Bro in Law, Younger Bro, Older Bro & Me

Once the official photo's are on the website I'm going to have look and purchase some so you can see us at other parts of the course.
Shucks, I never imagined what a sweat pretty looking thing you are Tommo :roll:
P.S. Do you imagine I might be lying :roll: :oops: :wink: :D :D

Oh and edited to say nice one :thumbup:
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