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...wind me up. I mentioned to some colleagues this morning about Anthony Minghella and Arthur C. Clarke passing away, and they looked blankly at me:

"You know; directed 'The English Patient' and 'Talented Mr. Ripley'?"


"The science fiction bloke, wrote '2001'?"


"Ooh yeah, and the bloke who played Captain Birdseye died too..."

"Wow, really? What a shame..."


Now these guys were not obscure celebrities but famous British people who most people should have at least have heard of, but my coleagues were none the wiser.

I sometimes believe that people these days only learn things that are relevant to them, without even a passing notification of other information, and just discard it to one side because they're not bothered to find out more. I mean, I do not claim to know everything - far from it - but I have retained a certain amount of knowledge about a wide variety of subjects, not all of interest to me necessarily. If I come across something new - as I often do on this forum - I will find out more, and at least make myself familiar with the subject.

Perhaps it is a generational thing; it appears that in this age of "busy, busy, quick, I want it now", younger people are bombarded with so much information but discard most of it, like some mental firewall, if it does not interest them. For example, when I joined the Navy I had to learn everything about my trade and had to complete a form of apprentiship before I could be promoted. Some of the tasks I was required to do had absolutely nothing to do with my daily job, but I had an understanding of them, so I could be called on to carry them out, if required to do so. But I ask some of the younger sailors now to do a simple task and more often than not, their immediate response is: "I wasn't taught how to do that...", which infuriates me - there were many things that I wasn't taught, but I have since learned, as it has improved my understanding of my job, and the jobs of others around me.
Sorry SPB, not being the avid cinema lover that you are I had never heard of Anthony Minghella (heard about the 2 movies but never seen them)

Arthur C on the other hand, I had definitely heard of - even read a few of his books (and seen a film or 2 based on them)


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I know very little about Actors and the like, why should I, if I enjoy a role they play I might research further, but other than that they are people doing a job, often at vastly inflated wages.

Now if you had asked me about this young lady I could have told you that her father was a Submariner, so I do take note sometimes.

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Ditto Mikh's statement.

I think SPB's pointing to a lack of general knowledge, which actually seems to afflict those with a university education more than those without. I believe that is due to the time and effort studying means less time to find out what's happening to the rest of the world.
lol, more time looking at the real world through the bottom of a beer glass more like ;)

I know what you mean though, I've had a similar experience of it where I work. I think some people are just habitually lazy to a certain extent, or if not lazy just not properly motivated. They're happy to do what has been asked of them and no more - which is fine for some.
Anthony Who?
The English What?
The Talented Mr Whom?

Sorry SPB, never heard of him while he was alive, so his death, sad as it may be, has no impact on me. Just another luvvie, really, and as one who refuses to be overwhelmed by 'celebrity', I feel no guilt for not recognising him.


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My post was not in tribute to Mr. Minghella as such, but more to do with the point - as apparent from subsequent posts - that people only absorb info that they deem relevant; everything else is disarded. Is it ignorance or something else?

As stated, it does seem that people (specifically RN personnel now) who only want to retain the knowledge that they learned to do with their job when they joined up; everything outside of those parameters is not of interest (although it might well be in the future)... :?
I bet most people know about the so called celebs such as Paris Hilton.Tara Palmer Tomkinson , Posh Spice,Jade Goody etc etc who havent contributed diddly squat to the arts or life even.
Sad reflection on todays society.
RIP to them both.
I think people have always sifted and filtered the information they receive, to see (in terms of jobs and interests), what it relevant. The amount and ways of receiving that information has certainly increased and that is a good thing. I find people, are better informed generally but an in depth knowledge of specific subjects usually depends on their job and interests/hobbies. An enquiring mind (as SPB seems to have), will always help to round out a persons general knowledge. I also find people who read (books) alot, seem to have a better level of general knowledge.

By the way SPB I thought and was told often enough, that regulators did indeed know everything.
To address one of the points SPB made earlier, in boats, we (those of us who are charged with the task of ensuring new joiners have the basic levels of competence required) have the luxury of grilling young lads to test their levels of understanding vis-a-vis whole-ship knowledge, big-picture awareness, and whatever else we deem they need to know.

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