Some ones Idea Of a SICK Joke..

Discussion in 'Site Issues' started by josiecats, May 5, 2007.

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  1. ok please dont hate the messenger........
    i have just got off the phone to PIERHEADJUMP...
    seems he IS NOT DEAD.........
    seems he has no idea of who has been posting on he has been in hosptial for ages... he knew nothin of our conversations....
    i founf this out yesterday as i recieved four emails from him... tellin me he is alive,,,,
    so this morning i phone the hosptal where he is,,, an actualy talked to him.
    but he denies sending me any emails yesterday...and denies being on site for ages...........
    so i have desided to go public with this....
    as i said please dont hate me.... im more freaked ou than you can possible emagine....i have kept the emails that i recieved an sent back in reply...........

    i think his death post shuold be removed.......
  2. Right, this is the weirdest thing. Please could a CO or a mod help us as soon as possible.

    This is not a very nice thing.
  3. What a sick arshole, who ever done this, it is not funny or even amusing, could someone (MOD) please out them .
  4. JOsie I've PM the person who was in as PHJ> I'll let you know the results, meanwhile Chin up girl, you're a well loved member of RR and have done no wrong. The fecker who has carried out this hoax can stand by, find them and I'll book my ticket.
  5. Don’t feel bad Josi …no ones going to blame you for befriending someone you thought was dying…….This has happened before …..remember the septic ex marine who died on a Scottish hillside …Andy wrote him a lovely poem and everyone was ashamed they had snubbed him when he was alive….turned out he was taking the piss….It`s the internet and should always be taken at face value….

    Is the Dabber a broody ex bootneck with lovely wife and 4 sprogs …3 with ASBOs, living in Eastleigh on the dole…….maybe, maybe not ….you just don`t know……
  6. Guys,
    I gather that this happened through the chat room - it's relatively well known that you can spoof the chat to appear as though you are another user. There is no technical solution to prevent this I'm afraid. The only option would be to turn off the chat room altogether and I do not think this would be popular.

    My only advice is that this is the internet and ALL claims should be treated as false initially.
  7. i am phjs wife and i am bloody fuming he's in hospital with a spinal injury has been for a while... PLEASE TELL ME WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON ...only found out about rr today what is all this about he was an ex ganges boy who served on HMS REVENGE and left in 1979... who has been saying all these things and is identity theft possible? PLUS I FOUND THE EMAILS JOSIE CAT SENT TO MY HUSBAND PRIVATELY ABOUT MEETING UP AND THAT KISS YOU OWE EACH OTHER YOU SICK SICK PEOPLE CONTACTING YOUR MOD NOW...IS THIS A BLOODY DATELINE FOR MARRIED PEOPLE AND SURELY THIS ABUSES EVERY SITE RULE...very upset wife :evil:
  8. Mrs PHJ

    We are sorry for your trouble, it seems that someone has been masquerading as PJH. We believed him to be dead.

    Please do not blame Josie in anyway, she is merely a nice lady who thought she was being kind and was devasted when she though that PHJ had passed on.

    Indeed so did I, so much so that I was running the race for life for him, i collected sponsorship on that basis.

    So please, before you get mad, please realise that other people have been taken in too.


  9. Clearly someone has managed to gain access to PJH's account so I have now changed the password and email address. For my money this just shows how important it is to have a decent password .....

    ( 3,35pm.)ok have been thinkin about this all day.....
    how can this be identy thieft,,, if the pesrson KNEW wat hosptial an wat illness,,,,,there is more to this than meets the can hie partner have seen the emails,,, if they were not sent by her or her partner...i have forwarded the emails to another,, on this site,,, i have nothing to hide so why do i feel so bad,,,,,,,,, i feel dirty an used,,,
  11. JC, its called compassion and human kindness, you can be there for someone without jumping into bed, so to speak. please dont worry, the person who has posed as the pierhead jumper !!!! wants to stand up and be counted, I know JC, very well, I know she is a very caring friend and a mother and wife.
  12. Josiecats is probably the nicest person on RR - stuff that there is no probably about it she is the nicest person!!!

    She has time and compassion for everyone!!!

  13. I know "Josie" as well , she is a great friend ,would trust her know problem , your a brilliant person josie
  14. Agree with everyone, JC is a very nice peron, I've chatted in the chat room a few times, very caring and genuine. JC don't let it get to you. Whoever the sick b*****d is that impersonated PHJ wants ............ Words fail me
  15. hello all... just got off the telephone to Josie and i must say i am shocked and appalled that both mine and my partners identities have been used and abused in such a disgusting way. Josie has been marvellous and very informative SO I WISH TO ISSUE MY APOLOGIES AT TO EVERYONE AT THE HORROR AND ABUSE THIS HAS CAUSED!!!...Please could everyone keep an ear to the ground...I have informed the police about my fears, I am concerned as my partner has been in Hospital for weeks & I am alone with our child in our family home... I haven't even lived here for tyhe lst 2 wkks as I have been with the inlaws as we worked through Kevs tragic accident find that someone has posted a DEATH message at such a time is very upsetrting and lots of peoplpes reputations have suffered...if anyone can helpme in any way to tracjk the perpetrator i would be more than grateful for all our sakes...very confused and upset...PHJS real life existing partner and family... :?:
  16. I even posted myself to the so called wife after she posted his death telling her to jump in where he left off.

    Not to worry life goes on as they say. THE NET is full of wonderful people and also the scum of the earth.
  17. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    See Below, one of several bogus PM's received.
    See JC? You're not the only one to fall for it.
    (I offered an Ensign for the funeral)

    From: pierheadjump
    To: Ninja_Stoker
    Posted: Sat Apr 14, 2007 1:17 am
    Subject: Re: Sad demise Quote message
    Dear XXXXXXX,
    Everyone on this site has been so kind ,it been overwhwlming,
    I am just so glad he enjoyed himself amongst you all, and I thank u so much for your offer, but he was a well organised man, military precision hey,he wiil have his final farewell the way he wanted it, quietly, peacefully, n then a rip roarin piss up afterwards, not sure I will join in, but I will try to Hold fast.
    God I love him but his navy jargon holds on ...... Sad Sad Sad Sad

  18. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Having just read through the numerous PMs from"PHJ", I'm convinced that the bogus poster is either serving or ex-serving RN/RM.

    Most likely having a beer & a laugh with his mates, I'd imagine. Lots of mobile text "abbreviations" and clumsy, 'next key', miss-spellings.(Always sent very early morning).

    Lesson to us all, perhaps?
  19. i can only continue to be horrified...especially as the issue of death and honour is such an integral part of the forces...i would appreciate still anyones help but fully understand if no one wants to communicate with me or in the future, my partner. i am a cross between shocked, disgusted, horrified, and embarressed and again wish to thank josie for her knowledge and support in this matter. i have just read the message that has been sent about the funeral and i'm lost for bloody words. i'm also speechless about the run for life i hope you understand that the computer that kev used in the attic is being taken away for analysis and i am using our private laptop. i am taking this matter veryseriously as it has caused a lot of distress to our family. all the best. i dont know how to sign off as i'm still at a loss for words. if anyone can post messages up that they have received i can print them off as evidence i presume but i'm not sure whether it helps. thankyou for your understanding.
  20. can there be two pierheadjumps? I dont think so, lookat the posts ,but it is the internet I know rosie will still do the run for a worthwhile cause but as for pierhead jump, come back and let us see you IP ********.

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