some one open the beer fridge!


Been out a year, and not sure if its the right thing to do :?

other than that aye aye shipwrecks :wink: :p :lol:


Canass has ordered the wets, and the joss is getting swap drafted asap :lol:

Nice to meet you lot, speak soon...

The Joss has ordered lights out :(

Deleted 7

Shhh'd no such thing as a beer fridge *nudge nudge, wink wink* :wink:

Hey and welcome to RR!
Welcome Miky to our mad cyber pussers war canoe... feel free to wander our virtual decks, grab a hyper tinnie or gulp down some cyber rum... :)

If you went to Ganges the then I need to warn you in advance that unless you are in one of the specific Ganges fora, you must always refer to it was the G-Place or G-Spot as it apparently it makes the Raleigh produce feel desperately inferior.

I'm the resident Civvy - never been in.

If you have only been out a year we can't ave yer Tot. But we will pass you over a cyber beer. Welcome to reality the last refuge of the sane.

How is life in civvies street, Finding it a dog eat cat world where everyone lies and tries to gain any advantage possible. Loyalty, Respect, Oppos, Banter all gone PC and H & S rule this mad world called civvy street.



Lantern Swinger
Miky said:
16 views and not a single pipe the side :?: :roll: :lol:

welcome aboard Miky
In my humble opinion the grass is not greener on the other side. Civvy street is the pits but I hope you find it to your liking

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