Some old training pics

Discussion in 'The Corps' started by daffy1, Jan 23, 2010.

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  1. My old man took these when i was in basic, its just a memory thing but i guess it gives the new guys on what to expect.





  2. Ah, the NEW gym :faroah:
  3. Lets be honest old gym, new gym still bloody horrible for any recruit.
  4. Daffs, its a wonder your old man didn't kill that fcuker in the fourth pic down, the one who's trying to shag you. :D
  5. WOT - No Wallbars?

  6. Bars in the gym, for fcuk sake man you a sot or something? :D
  7. RR, Just a SOB. (Still working on the SOT bit, though)

    As I recall the first phrase in the PTI's training manual used to be:

    "To the Wall-bars....GO!"

    Bit diff if there ain't no pesky wallbars, shippers 8O

  8. Ha looking at it, its a bit suspect.
  9. Certainly did, we did our IMF passout in this gymjust after it opened. "Round my bronzed body and back on your spot!!"
    On a tangent linked to another thread I read elsewhere, I seem to recall that one of the causes of Woodbury spreading or being hard to cure was the ropes, hence the wearing of denims.


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