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Discussion in 'Submariners' started by pg55555, Nov 6, 2010.

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  1. Wasn't me. S-boats me. Plus I'm outside now. :oops:
  2. I see Danny Danziger has two books coming out in a years time, that one in hardback, and another, Submarine in paperback. Has Ageing Gracefully managed to get hold of a pre-release copy for review?
  3. Having had 4 T boats (SSN's before the diesel dinosaurs start) I'd be interested to see what he has to say. I was on Torbay but not when he was on there or during that "incident". My hoop is pristine(ish)

  4. :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: Yeh, OK.
  5. Don't know, Joe.
    But I found this synopsis:

    <<SUBMARINE: Life on Board with the Hidden Heroes of Britain’s Deadliest Force by Danny Danziger

    Non Fiction


    August 2011

    A Trafalgar class nuclear powered hunter-killer submarine can move swiftly, undetected beneath the waves for months at a time. Ready to strike at any moment, they are part of the fleet that forms the last line of defence against devastating military aggression – it is a measure of the importance of the Submarine Service that if there is no life left in government they can be relied upon to act in the nation’s interest.

    Danny Danziger is the first person to have been allowed on a submarine for more than a day. He has spent a number of weeks on exercise onboard HMS Torbay, during which time he has conducted the probing interviews for which he is well known. He brings the submariners vividly to life: who they are, why they have chosen such a career and what they do, and also illustrates how these most awesome and unique vessels live and operate in the most difficult and dangerous of environments, and why submariners are regarded as the elite within the Royal Navy.

    Danny Danziger has written eleven books on a range of diverse subjects. His last title for Little, Brown -THE YEAR 1000 - went to number one and stayed on the bestseller list for seven months. He has a weekly interview column in the Sunday Times, Best of Times, Worst of Times, which over twelve years has won many accolades and awards.>>

  6. :oops:
    Ah. Amazon giving two slightly different titles for the hardback and paperback version then.

    He isn't, by the way, as many of us know, the first person to have been allowed on a submarine for more than a day. He's not even the first civvy to have done this. He's not even the first writer to have done this. If his book is as inaccurate as his publicity, it will get a panning.
  7. Naw not true I was on a submarine for more than a day!
  8. [align=justify]My Dad & Mum spent a day onboard an S boat, December '79, they brought my Chrizzie prezzies down, and Dad bought the mess a crate of beer too, he spent a lot of time swinging the lamp about his WW2 days. Mum spent her time in the galley !!

    Plus we had Vickers staff onboard for a week or more, aren't they civvies [/align]
  9. The blurb from the new book claiming that the author is the first person to have been allowed below decks is rubbish.

    Really ? - I guess comments like this help sell books.

    Another serious book where the writer and film crew spent a few weeks on board Warspite, Oracle and Repulse is simply called 'Submarine' where Jonathan Crane wrote about Perisher Course 2/83. Published by the BBC but out of print now I believe.

    Just found one on Fleabay:-

    Chas Cook who post's on here from time to time is about the best book I think you can read on what real life is like. It's hilarious.

    The dit on the 'wankerchief episode' is truly cringeworthy but made me laugh and is well worth a read.

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