Some of our own need help

persona_non_grata said:
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How kind ... :thanks:

It's still sitting at £70.
Is this going to be an eBay type thing, with everyone rushing in at the last moment?
Or are we talking to a generation of "Filofax" and/or "Bakelite Telephone with brown plaited cord" people who don't realise how useful these things are?

Mine's heading with me to the USA in 10 days ... easier than lugging a laptop.
Not that I have a laptop anyway ... I've got an iPAQ already :w00t:
BU66ER ... just as things were settling down, and we were getting on with Admin and long-term planning.
Any help from anyone here on Rum Ration would be gratefully received ... story as follows:

Minister_Doh_Nut said:
The begging bowl in coming days will change form slightly with the advent of 'Help them out' giving us a little more structure, accountability more importantly, clout! Wait out for dates of the launch and new account details and paypal

However a fast ball has been hurled at us today:
1 x KIA family...... 1 wife, 2 kids & 1 mother...
Spanish Dave has found them a villa with a pool etc in the sun from 12th-19th July.

Our part:
Flights aren't cheap as its July and return its £620....... I've put my neck on the line and told them they are going, so I need all the help I can get as soon as humanly possible to ensure they get to go.

We have now got welcome packs, so from now every family that visits will get the breakdown of the complex ... and in weeks to come a discount brochure for the local amenities, restaurants etc.

Not like me to beg and demand cash... :dwarf: But if we can bag this, the RBL and the amputee in 1 week, I'll be a made up puppy and will gladly humiliate myself for cash..... ;-)

With the end of the Charity auctions tonight, and that collected over the weekend, the RBL & amputee trip is already in the bag......... so £620 to push.

In your own time........... Box!

Paypal: Hooverbags @

or Lloyds Bank

Sort Code: 77-51-01
Acct No: 54713568
C. Lee

HSBC bank

Sort Code: 40-02-00
Acct No: 22286017
C. Lee

This will be the last week these details will be used, the Help them out account will be running soon...... so use whatever 'references' you like
minister_doh_nut said:
OK, I'm lost now........ I think we've done it, but until bank transfers etc hit home and auctions close over the next couple of days.

So in five days we've jobbed the RBL, the amputee and his family and the KIA guy's family.

Pretty chuffed with that, many thanks for you continued support, generosity and benevolent spirit....... even the cnuts amongst you


What nice people we have around, who help their mates and families :thumright:
Yes, it's me again ....

Spanish_Dave: 23 Jun 08 ...
Just had a phone call with a multiple injured request, at least 3 families.
Anyone help with flights, cleaning etc
MDN: Sitrep, 24 Jun 08 ...

Amounts required unknown as of yet, but it is a few quid. We are attempting to gain funding from Regiments etc. A balance is also slightly difficult at the minute until I get chance to cross reference auction items etc. There are also a couple of auction items yet to be squared away. (Not a dig in any way)

We have also been made aware of a former serviceman who has been living under a bridge in the Manchester area for longer than is healthy for him. Things are in progress to help him out long term, but in the short term we have also agreed to get him out of the UK for a few days to Spain whilst longer term plans are put in place here. Spanish Dave met the fella and has confirmed it to be a genuine and more than deserving case. The airfare for a single fella isn't too bad, probably 130 ish....... but this guy is homeless and will need shorts and a few t-shirts for his trip........ and I'll arrange for a slab of Belgians finest to be left in the apartment.

Sellyoak, is leaping forward at long last, sadly our last contact within died after a short illness, and her replacement is chomping at the bit to get us in there to set up a families room....... Hurry up and wait for that. Viro bono is there now.

Hopefully by end of play tomorrow we'll be in a better picture about the 3 families, but one of them is a Tom and I believe a double amputee..... he will almost certainly need some financial assistance for his trip.

More to follow ...
The usual message, folks. Any help you can give, even if just the price of a pint, helps us maintain our 100% record in looking after the WIA and KIA families that have been presented to us for some help.

Usual attention-grabber follows ... account details are still valid, as MDN still hasn't had the time to sort the Bank out for the dedicated account.

BTW, this info from Spain ...

Spainsh Dave said:
... We are also helping out Royal Marines, we have the families of KIA going out one in 2 weeks time, a wounded Royal Marine is going to El Valle Golf Resort very soon, 2 blinded Royal Marines have next door apartments on La Torre Golf Resort in September ...


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Latest update ... and quite possibly my last one here, you'll be glad to hear.

Minister_Doh_Nut" said:
Perhaps the novelty is wearing off a little.

If it is, then its not the end of the world its acheived a lot in its short timespan.

I'm happy to keep going, more and more units are using Dave's facility. What I don't want to do is bully anyone into Donating and stopping people using the NAAFI without the constant hounding for cash.

I'll be locking this thread off after this post and future threads will simply list the case and the requirement, they won't be lost in chat and bumps as per your requests. Then when the job is jobbed, they'll be locked and added to this one archived in 'Best of' along with some of the other site acheivements.

Before this is locked off, we do have a bit of an open book at the minute with five or more families of injured and widows booked in last week.

Dave is managing to host, despite them being fast balls and at peak periods.

We've also booked and paid for a young injured gunner and his family to go out in September.

Our debt case from Plymouth had a blast from the past and attempt to take a chunk out of him, after we'd stopped the eviction and got him on his feet.... Thankfully thats been put to bed and there are no more bogeys going to hinder his way.

Remember the homeless Carlisle chap? He's now assistant manager and now very much a part of his young nippers life.... the Daft cnut sent me a fiver for the kitty.

One of the guys who was KIA last year, his daughter turned two this weekend. We sent a card with 50 quids worth of Disney vouchers and a card on behalf of the site.

We covered cleaning bills for several visits.

Should you feel compelled to help, or for those that have already numerous times in the past, chuck a couple of quid in the pot, it really does make a difference.