Some Observations on Applications.

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by BreathingOutOnTheWayUp, May 11, 2011.

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    Deep Breath -

    Rather than just add them to a certain issue or two in progress, these lines are offered as a stand alone thread.

    Despite the general air of gaiety and banter at RR, most of us will feel a certain and genuine sympathy for those who suffer set-backs, delays and frustrations. Only this week we had one poor soul who has had to reconcile himself with permanent exclusion on medical grounds, how wretched is that?

    How one copes with their initial shocks will vary, but attitudes do change as a result in the cyber-conversations here. Show the right spirit and folk will give every support and assistance; ie we are all rooting for that wisp of a Plymouth lass who had left her weight concerns a little late.

    Very few of us know each other here - yet where else would you find such a wide range of ages, ranks and skillsets?

    Few would openly admit it but I firmly believe that most of those who inhabit RR do so purely because deep down they have hearts and (each in their particular/peculiar way) really care about the RN & RM and those of it and for it.

    For those yet to join - their experiences at RR are but an introduction to those colourful characters you will meet and serve; with, for and under.

    A finer bunch of professional rascals you will be hard pressed to find anywhere else!

    (Except perhaps the FFL; which always comes highly recommended at these pages BTW :wink:)


    (Old & ex- but unashamedly Anchor-Faced.)

    PS Serious head now removed and replaced on its dusty pedestal, my first drink of this evening is well overdue. Now where are those tablets again. . . . . . . .
  2. Excuse me but are you trying to make it look like I care and or have a heart?
    The last time I got really upset was when my 3 year old neice knocked my bottle over. Oh how I greived for that Rum. I was pulled away wailing as I attempted to suck the carpet.
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    Similar experience with a decanter of LBV Port, Steve. It shattered. I'm still pulling the glass splinters out of my tongue even now.

    Even worse, the insurance policy I took out via an ex-REA 'Oppo' didn't cover it. Sacked him, GRRR.
  4. I wanted to place a commemorative plaque to Honor that bottle but the war office said not many lounges had them in the centre.
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    My two (then young) sons were both awarded colourful commendations which the Nanny State has since made unlawful.
  6. Good original post there Bob. I knew all the banter was just on the surface ;)
  7. Is it bollix, Porridge wog!:evil1:

    Aye sympathetic with those who miss out on serving due to medical conditions, as long as they don't drip about the fact that their asthma, high blood pressure, partial deafness and myopia has never affected their civilian job and that the RN/RM should adopt a more lenient attitude as far as their case is concerned.
    My reason for joining RR was to entice ex Bootnecks out to NuZild so that we could stage a Coup and create Lympstonia Pacifica a Golden Years home away from home where we can do Speed marches and phys in the morning then rip the pish all PM.
    Only got Blobbs so far, oh well Beggars etc..:p
  8. Sorry to hear about the blobbs NB, is there nothing you can put on it to make it go away?
  9. Porridge wog??? As I'm originally from the Highlands and an adopted Aberdonian I've been called a lot of names but that is one of the best and most confusing. Hats off to you chief
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    Mr. Mc Scrooge Sir,

    A sheltered upbringing, eh......mmmmm how were those sheep shelters BTW?

    His fluffiness NZB will be delighted to know that he has caused you some confusion, it's what he does. There is no need to take your hat off to him, he usually does it himself for any Naval person - complete with their head inside it, too.

    Chief? An accolade too far m'dear; try Colonel next time. Always guaranteed to gain an additional page in his good books.

    PS I dare you ask how NZB's moustache is coming along. To date very few on here have received a straight answer. Standfast S_S.

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