Some Nutty each Day keeps the Doctor Away!

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by Always_a_Civvy, Nov 15, 2006.

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  1. Re: Some Nutty a Day keeps the MA Away!

    So does garlic, red wine, pomegranates, blueberries and oily fish.

    Got any recipes?
  2. As I understand it, the only thing that is really bad for you is not eating anything.
  3. I don't really fancy a bit of Nutty, thank you.

  4. Not even some Nutty_bag??
  5. I'll stick to Dairylea Dunkers thanks.
  6. Recipie:

    Take your date to an italian restaurant - drink red wine and eat garlic bread with your meal, whilst you give her the chat.

    Half way through desert of Blueberry and pomegrantie pie, suggest you go back to her place to cover her naked body in melted dark chocolate and lick it off.

    The oily fish has got me……………………..You could always beat her about the head with it if shes crap in bed!! :wink:
  7. Certainly Not.

  8. Fcuking hell you go out with classy women then!!

    Oily fish, mmm your right. You could say that you have some other form of liquidy substance that contains high levels of zinc!! population paste anyone??
  9. Are those the new fruit flavoured ones?
  10. They love it NB!!!!

    Me, go out with classy women? Well there is this one RNR chick...................Essence mate!!! :wink:
  11. Or you could eat the fish for dinner?

    From what I've gathered men are always grateful to be in bed with someone no matter who... so no fish beating would be necessary :p

    Off to buy some chocolate now because its good for me! (Any excuse...!!)
  12. MMM not a good idea to shit on one's doorstep mate. I'm already on a sticky wicket with the missus on that one!! "Nicks off. Standby.........................GO!!
  13. Judging by another thread regarding the camels foot, cloven hoof, or man in a boat featuring a rather large salad dodger that your were adding to, i would say that men aren't grateful to be in bed with someone no matter who!! |Dont eat too much nutty wkdwren, you need to watch those hips :wink:
  14. Nutty-bag

    I am sure that we both agree that any Jenny can eat Nutty as long and often as they like.

  15. A moment on the lips a life time on the hips..
    I have noticed Jennys tend to be quite wide around the hips after there first ship and it never quite goes away.

    On that note do you really want to take chocolate off any female regardless of being a Jenny or not?!
  16. I dont think i could stand the tension if i decided to take nutty off (get off nutty. Very tongue in cheek!!) the missus!! I cant honestly say i met a thin, attractive jenny i'm afraid. Actually, i'm wrong. There was one at RMR London who worked in the sickbay about 15 years ago but she would look at us poor nods with such contempt that we all agreed it would be a grudge- fcuk!! :lol:
  17. So thats why the naffi girl is so popular!! She represents good wholesome food...

    I think all nurses look at nods with contempt :p

  18. If it makes the lady happy, let her eat all the chocolate she wants!! Just remind her that sex burns 300 calories per hour, so a 2 hr horizontal yomping session is one BIG fck off bar of dairymilk!!! :wink:
  19. Built for comfort not speed!! I agree about nurses looking at nods with contempt!! When i did a certain course which involved running around over big green things with a silly green thing on my back covered in a silly orange "Air Identification Marker" thingy the RAMC female nurses used to stand around laughing at our sorry arses whilst we tried our hardest to keep warm and brew up whilst shivering uncontrollably. Funny how their rig always looked so nice and shiny and their nice down jackets that they wore looked like they were painted on because they were never taken off!! Never mind though's character building so it is :wink:

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