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Discussion in 'The Internet - Best and Worst' started by Jimmy_Green, Jan 20, 2008.

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  1. Watch those sites, they are the biggest offenders for installing spyware onto computers along with the ones of smilies. Official internet watchdogs and security companies have given figures that 90% of them are contaminated.

    So now flash up your Adaware and Spybot search and destroy and see what else you have downloaded.
  2. Very good point NmC
  3. BT guy informed me that they can lock into your computer and then make phone calls while you are off line.

    It happened to him. He was searching for holiday info he logged off they logged on he recieved a ginormouse phone bill. Best way is to unplug phone line when you have finished he stated.

    It is the old thing if it free there must be a catch someplace.
  4. True, you run a risk of infecting your confuser every time you hook up to t'interweb. Whenever you are browsing there is always the risk that when you look at any web page, however innocent it appears, you could download something unwanted.

    How far do you take this? Do you just avoid porn sites where the majority of problems seem to occur, or do you avoid everything? One extreme to the other.

    How much trust do you put in your AV and anti-spam software? Are Adaware and Spybot really any good, and what are they missing?

    Personally, I'm quite careful about which sites I visit. I update & run Spybot & Adaware on a regular basis, usually once every week or two (bearing in mind I only normally access the web from my own 'puter at weekends) and Spybot rarely picks up anything, while Adaware will pick up a little more but nothing extrordinary. My AV has hardly ever alerted me to anything.

    As Backpacker says, if it's free there must be a catch, yet Spybot S&D and Adaware are free, AVG is free and many people rely on them.
  5. Not quite true.

    On dial-up systems, you could be infected with a dialer that routed your legitimate call to your ISP through a premium rate line and as you would not be aware of it, could stay on there for hours running up an hefty bill.
    It was possible to dial up while you were logged off (as apposed to shut down), but the prudent had the volume up on their modem so could hear if it dialed out.

    With ADSL, the phone line and internet lines are seperate (although running in the same BT wire), and unless you have a 56k modem installed in the PC as well, and that is connected to the phone line, it cannot happen.
    One reason for having a telephone modem inside your pc might be for independent fax.
    Of course it can't happen at all with cable, unless you have a telephone modem installed as well and that is connected to the phone line.
  6. Ooh yes!
    Anyone remember the old African Premium rate dailer scam?

    Apparently it had something to do with porn, so i'm told. By a friend. Who isn't me.
  7. It happened to me once. Or twice. :oops: Many years ago. I thought I was looking at a regular, run-of-the-mill web site. Honest. Got infected by a rogue dailer. Was lucky to spot it in good time. Have been particularly careful ever since.
  8. FlagWagger

    FlagWagger Book Reviewer

    One scam that was used was watching for legitamte domains with registration about to expire - if the "owner" didn't renew, then the scammer stepped in and set up their own site and waited for innocent punters arriving looking for the old site; my wife was most surprised about 6 years ago when this happened to the site of the Queen's Hospital in Burton on Trent - seeing "pop-up hell", most containing scantily clad eye candy coupled with software installers left right and centre - thankfully, virus and spy-ware detection saved the day.

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