Some nice recognition for LHF


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I spotted 1, I think they've called the officer interviewed the Pilot, where in fact he is the Observer. Also the footage of the Lynx that was used showed an out of date version, Mk3 I think?

Just my guesses, not being a WAFU I don't claim to be any sort of expert on these sort of things.
My usual drill when seeing one of those would be to lower all masts and go deep.


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Yup, officer in question was sitting in left hand seat(maybe just for interview purposes but still wrong for a "pilot")

One left, quite a big one and hacked me off really.

The ships shown in the clip are two totally different class of war canoe.

The 'pilot' is indeed an observer, wings on ovvies a give away on that one.
He is an observer, hence the smaller wings on his badge.
No big deal!

The footage also shows a German Lynx, (see the Iron cross on the sliding fairing).
Again no big deal.

The Lynx is a great piece of kit, if you ignore all its 'characteristics'.


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Characteristics? You mean twitchy as F**k?

Yes the german Lynx was my other complaint, indeed no big deal just wanted to test your skills of observation!

Top marks!

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