Some more noobish questions from me

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Zoidberg, Jan 20, 2010.

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  1. :twisted:

    Civvie clothes at RALEIGH:

    Will the clothes on my back suffice?

    The PTI at the RPC/RNAC told us we should take our own trainers, as we were allowed to do our runs in them. However, someone currently in phase 1 told me not to. Who should I believe here?

    If you don't fancy answering with a serious respons, don't bother answering at all. It's only wasting your own time and I'm not phased by it anymore.
  2. I was intending to take trainers, and I'm intending to only go with one set of civ rig.
  3. 1 set of civvies it is then. However, I've packed all my kit already, to make sure I can fit it in my bag. It all goes in, bar the trainers- if we ain't allowed to use them, I'm not taking them :wink:
  4. When I joined in the 90's we took our own pair and was issued a pair.

    I was issued a pair of white Pony's (old skool) for PT, whilst others got green ninja's or Hi-Tech Silver Shadow's

    Our own pair was used for sports outside including the 5 mile run. Otherwise it was issued shoes for PT

    As for civi's I can't remember, but I took a few civi's clothes. Not a lot but a few
  5. They still issue Silver Shadows, some people can cope fine with them, if you have any issues with knees, shins feet etc. I would recommend taking the trainers you are used to so you can use them wherever possible. Silver Shadows are useless at supporting anything, why they are still about is anyone's guess.
  6. you might aswell run in bare feet than silver shadows so defo take your own running shoes.
  7. I'm in a strange mood so i'll offer you advice just this one time,
    you want to be a knob don't take your trainers
    but if you have any common sense you'll take your own trainers, i only say that coz you are risking failing a kit muster by not providing the required kit that would be asked for you to provide during one of your (lol) kit musters, some divisions ask that you put your trainers in your lockers others don't
    you can take my advice, but i don't really care
  8. Apparently:

    So if I don't have the required kit, they'd be to blame, not me.

    Thanks for the replies, fellas. Looks like I'll be finding a better way to pack my bag.
  9. vacuum pack your stuff and just take a carrier bag.
  10. What on earth are 'silver shadows'? ZB wear these they sound a laugh.
  11. My dad has a vacuum packer for food. I might actually do that with some stuff when I go down there...

    Worst. Trainers. Ever. They cost about £12 and wreck your legs.
  12. these high tech running shoes.
  13. Very clever :lol:
  14. They are still better than the white daps I was issued. However my Pony's are old skool and I wear mine out still today lol
  15. Haggis Catcher ya big picture posting screen stretching fecker!

    And yes, that is the footwear equivalent of polystyrene protecting your feet and indeed your entire lower limbs from the pounding on the concrete!
  16. Still better than running in boots though!! :roll:
  17. I may be showing my age here, but they don't look 'that' bad!

    12 quid? Hmm, take your own ZB.
  18. When I had shin splints, I found that the boots were the only things that stopped me getting them.
  19. They are fine although they dont fall into the asics gel category which i've used for donkies. if asics were issued then the MOD would indeed be more bankrupt than they are already!!
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