Some Military Abbreviations

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Stefan_grainger, Mar 23, 2008.

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  1. AB Able Seaman
    Adjt Adjutant
    Adj-Gen Adjutant-General
    AF Admiral of the Fleet
    AG Adjutant-General
    AHC Army Hospital Corps
    AIF Australian Imperial Forces
    ANZAC Austrailian and New Zealand Army Corps
    AO Army Order
    AOC Army Ordnance Corps
    AOD Army Ordanance Department
    APM Assistant Provost-Marshal
    APO Army Post Office
    ASC Army Service Corps
    AVD Army Veterinary Department
    Bde Brigade
    BEF British Expeditionary Force
    Bn Battalion
    Brig Brigadier
    Brig-Gen Brigadier-General
    BSC Bengal Staff Corps
    Capt Captain
    CF Chaplain to the Forces
    C in C Commander in Chief
    CO Commanding Officer
    Col Colonel
    Com Commander
    Comdr Commander
    Coy Company
    Cpl Corporal
    CS Colour Sergeant
    CSM Company Sergeant Major
    DCM Distinguished Conduct Medal
    DFC Distinguished Flying Cross
    DFM Distinguished Flying Medal
    div Division
    DL Deputy Lieutenant
    DLI Durham Light Infantry
    DSC Distinguished Service Cross
    DSM Distinguished Service Medal
    DSO Distinguished Service Order
    EEF Egyptian Expeditionary Force
    FM Field Marshal
    GHQ General Headquarters
    GOC General Officer Commanding
    GS General Staff
    gn Gunner
    HAC Honourable Artillery Company
    HG Horse Guards
    HLI Highland Light Infantry
    HMAS His Majesty`s Australian Ship
    HMCS His Majesy`s Canadian Ship
    HMS His Majesty`s Ship
    IA Indian Army
    ID Intelligence Department
    ISO Imperial Service Order
    IY Imperial Yeomanry
    KOSB King`s Own Scottish Borderers
    KORL King`s Own Royal Lancashire/Lancaster Regiment
    KOYLI King`s Own Yorkshire Light Infantry
    KRRC King`s Royal Rifle Corps
    LD Light Dragoons
    LI Light Infantry
    Lr Lancer
    Lt Lieutenant
    Maj Major
    MEF Mediterranean Expeditionary Force
    MGC Machine Gun Corps
    MM Military Medal
    NCO Non-commissioned Officer
    OD Ordinary Seaman
    OS Ordinary Seaman
    PM Provost-Marshal
    QM Quarter-master
    QMG Quartermaster-General
    QMS Quartermaster-Sergeant
    RA Rear Admiral
    RA Royal Artillery
    RAF Royal Air Force
    RAMC Royal Army Medical Corps
    RAOC Royal Army Ordnance Corps
    RAPC Royal Army Pay Corps
    RASC Royal Army Service Corps
    RD Royal Dragoons
    RE Royal Corps of Engineers
    RFA Royal Field Artillery
    RFC Royal Flying Corps
    RGA Royal Garrison Artillery
    Rgt Regiment
    RHA Royal Horse Artillery
    RHG Royal Horse Guards
    RIM Royal Indian Marines
    RM Royal Marines
    RMA Royal Military Academy
    RMA Royal Marine Artillery
    RMC Royal Military College
    RMLI Royal Marine Light Infantry
    RN Royal Navy
    RNAS Royal Naval Air Service
    RNR Royal Naval Reserve
    RNVR Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve
    RSM Regimental Sergeant-Major
    RV Rifle Volunteers
    SAA Small Arms Ammunition
    SAS Special Air Sevice
    SBS Special Boat Service
    SC Staff-office Corps
    SERG Sergeant
    SM Sergeant-Major
    SO Staff Officer
    SQN Squadron
    TA Territorial Army
    TF Territorial Force
    VC Victoria Cross
    WAAC Women`s Army Auxillary Corps
    WRAC Women`s Royal Army Corps
    WAAC Women`s Army Auxillary Corps
    WD War Department
    WRAF Women`s Royal Air Force
    WRNS Women`s Royal Naval Service

    Got more? why not add them for us to learn.
  2. Without wishing to appear picky, why?

    Also, WRNS is NO LONGER.
  3. Although a lot is out of date!

    Main stuff you would perhaps need to know would be abbreviations for ships; e.g. LPD-Landing Platform Dock, and abbreviations for Ranks; e.g. Lt Cdr-Lieutenant Commander.
  4. In which case commander (in the RN at least) is Cdr, not Comdr. Unless you know any differently, HMAS is Her Majesty’s Australian Ship.

  5. haha the link is alright though if you get stuck with something when tryng to revise.
  6. There is one you missed in the 'H' section


    That lives in front of everything ie;

    Harry snowers, Harry skint, Harry skidders

    Your task is to decypher them and any others anyone else cares to add.
  7. This list is very out of date - it seems to date from the Second World War era, so I wouldn't go quoting much of it at an interview!

    Things like Australian Imperial Force, ANZAC and RNVR are all examples!
  8. I wonder if HBM is on that web site?

  9. Chill out stefan, you will not be asked questions of that nature.

    All they will ask you is questions about your background, family, education, hobbies and intrests, why you want to join.

    Just make sure you research your branch, all the info you need on this should be found on the branch leaflets they give you at the AFCO. It wouldnt hurt to go the extra distance and find some more info off the web. But as far as learning military abbreviations goes, why? Find out what type of ships weve got, (i.e T23, T42, T22, T45 etc.) no need to remeber every name and pennant number! What operations we are carrying out (Gulf, S/Atlantic etc.)

    Edit: It looks like your gonna be a a bootie, so belay the last and er, find out some bootie type things.

    All they are trying to do is paint a picture of your background to see if your suitable for RN life.

    Best of Luck
  10. You missed out Cdo. And CS is not Colour Sergeant, it's C/Sgt.

    Here are a couple of tactical one's for you which will sound much more impressive at interview for my beloved Corps. Then again, they might just think you're a walt and tel you feck off. Anyway, see if you can find out what they mean and come back and tell us otherwise you will be RTU.

    SF (not 'them'. Think GPMG)
    Two i/c
    Fecking REMF

    I'm bore now. SNAFU :dwarf:

    Edited to add SF is not 'them'.
  11. SG a lot of them are too bloody old and have not been used for years.I do have a few to add

  12. STFUYBC pmsl :)
  13. OK, I'll give it a go cos I am bored and the water isn't heated for my bath yet :lol:

    DF - Direction Finding
    FDF - Fiddle De Figures :afro: (sorry don't know that one)
    SF - Sustained Fire
    FIBUA - Fighting In Built Up Areas
    RV - Rendezvous
    FUP - Follow Up Point (?)
    CASEVAC - Casualty Evacuation
    RAP - Regimental Aid Post
    Sitrep - Situation Report (aaagh whasshappening)
    FOB -
    GPMG - General Purpose Machine Gun
    HEAT - High Explosive Anti Tank
    HESH - High Explosive Squash Head
    WP -
    MFC -
    APC - Armoured Personnel Carrier
    ARV - Armoured Reconnisance Vehicle
    MBT - Main Battle Tank
    MLRS - Multiple Launch Rocket System
    UAV - Unmanned Aerial Vehicle
    TOW - (know its an anti tank missile but that's all)
    Two i/c - Second in Command
    Fecking REMF - Fecking Rear Echelon Mother Fcuker

    sad man that I am :lol:

  14. Stab to fill in your gaps.
    FOB=Forward operating base
    WP=White phos (nasty burny grenade)
    HVM=High velocity missile
    MFC =Crusty old fat stripy that everyone slags off until you need morters landing within 20 m at 500 metres range then he becomes a god(Morter fire controller)

    FDF not too sure but In army terms it looks like FPF which is final protective fire,I.E. arty on my position now as we are being over run and we are bugging out .

    ARV = armoured recovery vehicle

    On the whole not a bad effort Stabradrop
  15. Wot about:
    Spithead Pheasant
    Shit on a raft
    Babies heads
    arizona strawberries
    Herrings in
    the list is endless
  16. Why thanks deeps :salut: been ages since i did a test like that, not bad for an ex ta rlc who left in 2001!!
  17. RAMC - Rob All My Comrades
    REME - Rough Engineering Made Easy
    Royal Artillery - Drop Shorts (for two reasons!)

    There must be many more but I can't be arsed!
  18. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Have to say the only acronyms I've ever asked at interview are: What is involved in the PJFT?, what is the RNST?, for Royals: What doess PRMC involve?, and finally what abbreviation is usually used for your branch title?

    The last one I have to ask for myself because some bugger keeps changing the branch title.

    I agree with the previous comment that it's "handy" to know rank abbreviations. For Potential Officers obviously there's a greater range of questions, but acronyms seldom figure greatly.

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