some info on rfa please ?

Discussion in 'RFA' started by auxilliary for me?, Jul 8, 2012.

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  1. Hello everyone im looking for some info on the royal fleet auxilliary if any one would be so kind , im currently employed as a vehicle technicion for Volkswagen overall I have worked for them for 13 years , left for 3 years and came back , my gcse results are not fantastic I may add , but my college education was good and quailfied well for a light vehicle technicion , basically im looking for a complete change , have so much respect and admiration for the armed forces but being at 32 thinking I should of joined earlier , ive have no mariner experience but have a interest in it and would like to be involved with the rfa , would regard my self as a team player and am just wondering what you guys think ?? My thoughts are that I would like to involved in the running of the ship , maintenance repair etc but am quite open to different roles , any info would be greatly received many thanks
  2. silverfox

    silverfox War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Some useful stuff here
  3. Abbreviated to RFA. Stands for Royal Fleet Auxialliary . They have big ships that are painted grey, and sell supplies to the RN. An abbreviation for Royal Navy.
    hope this is sufficient for you.
  4. Thankyou im up to speed on the general role of the rfa , how do you get in ?? How fit have you got to be ?? What qualifications do you need , ive read the glossy website but wanted the real world opinions from people in the now many thanks
  5. 1) Start by phoning 08456 04 05 20.

    2) You don't. There's a simple medical to pass, no fitness test.

    3) None.
  6. 'but being at 32'

    Im almost the same age as you and have been told at this age we will be babys onboard. I think the RFA recruits up until the age of 57, so plenty of time to advance, even if it is a slow process.
  7. I rang that number today and spoke to a lad who said I would only be able to apply for the deck hand due to my not having grade c in five gcses which I felt gutted about as I would of wanted to be on the engineering side ,up keep of the ship , is there possibilitys of moving into this later on or not ?? So can anyone give me a idea what a deck hands dutys would be ?? Many thanks for all your help with everything so far lads
  8. Internal transfer between branches doesn't really happen. That is a disappointing answer as it is contrary to the recruitment leaflets provided at Job Finder | Royal Navy where you can find out about other jobs in the RFA. It would be nice if the recruitment department could notify potential applicants of the moving goalposts. :(

    There is some discussion of exactly that in this adjacent topic: as well as the recruiters ideas in the Job Finder leaflet.

    However with a background as a mechanic I think you'd find motorman much more up your street. Have you considered retaking some GCSEs?
  9. Hi mate,

    Im in the process of making an application for the deck hand position. I have served in the Royal Navy, so can only give you an idea of what a deck hand / seaman done on board a RN ship, but i suspect it will be close to this.

    You will take part in all deck related operations. This will probs consist of -

    Helping the ship leave harbour / arrive at harbour using ropes/lines to secure the ship etc
    Help with the anchoring of the ship at sea
    Taking part in a RAS (replenishment at sea) - Passing fuel to another ship / stores (google this for an idea)
    Help / poss be in the small Ribs / sea boats attached to the ship
    Painting the ship
    Maintaining all related deck gear / ropes/lines/rails etc
    Cleaning of the ship inside and out
    Gangway duties when alongside
    Firefighting / Flood control duties alongside and at sea
    Steering the ship at sea
    Plenty of other tasks!

    Im sure if im wrong someone will be along to correct me!

    Hope this gives you a basic idea

  10. You guys are fantastic thank you so much for your help !!! Motorman does seem what im after interested in 16 years in the motor trade im sure would be useful in that role , so just to be clear there would be no chance of working to that role if I went in for deck hand ?? Yes I thought about retaking my gcses , guess my local college would help me with this . Ill check the other post now for the deckhand info , thanks again lads much appreciated
  11. Luminox thankyou for your help and advice that's fantastic I do appreciate it
  12. I wonder whether it would be a good idea for you to speak to the RFA Recruitment Office in Portsmouth on 02392 725923? You could ask when applications for Motorman were going to open again and just confirm what you would need as qualifications, if you were to apply.
  13. Excellent thank you ill ring that tomorrow and see , do applications come round often ?? Would you know this at all ?? Im just asking to see if I should hang on or not ive asked for the application for deck hand but im unsure of this but would be willing to carry this role out if nothing else was available I guess
  14. Internal transfers from one branch to another are pretty much unheard of, apart from some branches that only recruit internally, which does not include engineering/motormen. The company view is that since they've paid for your qualification and training in one role, why pay twice?

    In the wider Merchant Navy "General Purpose" (GP) ratings qualified for the roles of both motorman and able seaman were once common, but British ratings are now rare in the wider MN and the RFA never went in for GP manning.

    The RFA shed about 350 posts over the last year or two. Things are still settling down. It may be a while before recruitment of some branches picks up again.
  16. It is a long, long time since there have been any compulsory redundancies from the RFA. The recent situation was officially not "redundancy" but rather the MOD's Voluntary Early Release Scheme as part of the recent defence cuts.
  17. Hi Mega,

    How does drafting work in the RFA? Is it a case of flying out to the ship alot, or do you leave/come back to base port with it?
    Also are the RFA ships based in just Guz and Pompey?
  18. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    There are usually one or two alongside at Portland
  19. cheers for the info janner

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