Some Info on Officer Entry Please!

Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by JayCam, Aug 19, 2007.

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  1. Hi All,

    I have been lurking here for a little bit and am hell bent on gaining a commision in the RN. I am 21 years old with a B.A. Hons 2:1 (bit of a Mickey Mouse subject though) from a decent university.

    My main question is this: I am sending off my "officer interest form" on Monday with my eye-test results. From this point, do you think I will be able to get in on the January intake?

    I have no medical issues (asthma when I was a child, last affected 9 years ago) except that I wear glasses but my eyes are not very bad, will find out on Monday just how "not bad" they are!

    Second question: to qualify for Warfare Officer how high do I have to score on the psychometric test? I did the practice test that they gave me at the AFCO and scored 82%. Will this be sufficient? I think I can get higher once I brush up on my maths (its amazing how rubbish you become after 5 years of using a calculator for everything) and mechanical concepts.

    So provided my fitness is ok (it is) how long can I expect to wait before being sent off for training?

    Thanks very much!

  2. Hi JayCam

    I applied for warfare specialist over a year ago and am going down to raleigh in 2 weeks.
    Am not sure if it will be the same for entering as an officer but as long as you can get through everything as soon as postable then you might be able to get in by january but I dont realy know, i think it takes a few month just for the security check to go through provided you get that far. :p
  3. Hi Dan,

    Thanks for your reply. Yeah I was thinking that the security checks would take the longest. I am going to do everything as fast as humanly possible and then hopefully I can be in by January or failing that, May. Hopefully making a really good impression at interviews and meetings might encourage them to speed it up.

    Prior to making this decision I was going through an application for the TA and from that I know how bloody long it can take, however I wasnt pushing that one for time.

    Thanks again,

  4. How long is a piece of string?

    When I joined I applied in Jan, entered in May. But that was a several years ago, I left the service a few months ago, and Dartmouth is a very different beast.

    As you already highlight, vetting is part of the critical path, and that might challenge a January entry.
  5. Cheers Karma,

    What is "vetting"?

  6. Generally, it's a process of examination.

    Specifically it's the background check carried out by the DVA (Defense Vetting Agency) in order to obtain your security clearance. I'd brush up on vocab before taking the tests. :thumright:
  7. Cheers!

  8. People I have met on the process have been waiting, from initial reply to post AIB joining dates, between 3/4 months and a year and a half. Generally if you have a timetable they will do their best to rush you through, as long as you are free on the early dates they can offer for tests ect.
  9. Cheers Shotty, good to know. I will make sure that everyone I talk to knows I am keen to get in ASAP. I am not working so I am available literally anytime for interviews etc. Also my fitness is up to scratch (2.4km in 10:40) so the only thing stopping me seems to be red tape... come on.. just let me IN!

  10. You're vetting can take anywhere between a couple of months (I was lucky) and more than a year (When I got to raleigh there were a few that hadn't had it by then. Mind you, the RNRs a very different ball game to the RN).

    Just be patient. So long as you're not on a kidney dialysis machine and answer top the name of "Osama" you should be fine. And if you do, you'll get rejected anyway because you're far too old to join up.
  11. I did live in the middle east for 15 years and I am half Iranian... I think it's gonna take a while.

  12. I am waiting for my BRNC date and I have to say the whole application procedure does take a long time. I applied over a year ago, passed the AIB in May and am still not in. Of course things might be different for you! I would say get to your AFCO and make it clear that you do want to be rushed through, but remember if you are not fully prepared and consequently fail the AIB you will have to wait 12months minimum for another crack at it. What is the rush?
    What is your degree in?
    As for the psychometric tests- the ones the AFCO give you are not even as hard as the Ratings tests, the AIB tests are hard, very hard.
    Good Luck
  13. sara, i thought you had joined up long ago!! Cant believe your still waiting.
  14. No Blood (feel a little gangster saying that) I am still waiting for a BRNC date, the Selection Officer has me as a 90% cert for January... we shall see.
  15. bloody hell. best of luck for Jan.
  16. Far too many passing the AIB I think! I am currently working as an Architectural Tech and slowly losing the will to live. I think it is a test! Hey ho, it will all be worth it in the end.
  17. Try working in Currys....

    "Have you tried turning it on and off? Is it plugged in?"
  18. I work in Birmingham, beat that.
  19. Thanks for the info sara! My degree is in music technology so doesnt qualify me for engineers. I found out today that my eyes are pretty crap so I dont qualify for Warfare Officer either (S3 rating) however I have been told I can go for Logistics which would be allright, not as good as warfare but better than McDonalds lol.

    Anyway there is no specific rush except I really really want in. I dont have a job on civvy street and the quicker I can get my application pushed through the less time I have to spend killing my soul working at call centers and supermarkets (not bad for a graduate eh?).

    I wont fail the fitness (had previously been training for army entry which is way way harder) part of the application and I am confident on the psychometric and interview stages. I have been swatting maths, grammer, electronics, mechanics and Naval History to give me the best possible chance.

    Talked to a guy at the Manchester OCLC and he reckons I have a chance at getting in on the February Logistic Engineers intake provided I dont muck around and my vetting doesnt take too long (this is the part that I think WILL take ages). If not, the next one is May/June... fingers crossed!

    Any other advice for getting through hassle free?

    Also I am not too hip on this lingo as previously pointed out, what does AIB stand for? Is it the 2 day board you attend before being accepted?

  20. The guy at the Manchester AFCO is also my ACLO.

    Sitting the AIB is the only way into the RN as an Officer, so if I were you I would get online and see what it is all about.

    My friend is on the Logistic Officer waiting list , and from what I hear to qualify for a place you will need to secure a more than decent score at the AIB.

    I am not trying to put you off, and I would be more than pleased to PM you with some advice as soon as you know your AIB date but be realistic about getting into the RN. I was working for the AIB for over a year, during my final year of university, and it is not as simple as saying "I want in".

    Maybe some other guys on here will back me up when I say- don't rush to get to the AIB.

    Good luck!

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