Some help with my RN Discharge Papers

Some help with my RN Records

I left the Navy in 2003 and didn't have any reason to consider needing my records for anything until now. I'm about to start the US visa process and part of the process is to submit my military records.

I seem to remember in 2002, whilst on a run ashore, there were some issues and it ended up with me punching a messmate to calm him down as he was going crazy. Over the next couple of weeks it was investigated by the Joss and I ended up in front of the XO, but nothing came of it as there was insufficient evidence to make a charge.

Is there a record of it somewhere in the reams of paperwork that make up my records and on which page would I find it? I was never arrested, nor was I ever found guilty or given any kind of punishment. If something is on my record, would it also appear on my ARPO records with the civvies?

Cheers in advance...

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Shouldn't be. The discharge papers are your Service Certificate. Only states character etc or if deprived of any GCB . Minor offences aren't recorded. Mind you it might ave changed PM SgtP he'd know for certain
Ah, my fault for using the incorrect term possibly. I requested my records via an SAR request and got about 30-35 pages of A4 with lots of stuff I can barely understand...

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