Some help with minewarfare specialist please.


Lantern Swinger
It's an odd question but thought I'd ask any way, speaking to a few people on the rnac and on this site, the comment that pops up other than muppet, is it's a different kind of navy compared to the bigger ships, apart from the obvious that I'll be on a smaller ship what is so different about working on smaller ships?
Mainly that as your are on a smaller ships with less crew, you firstly will know everyone (and vice versa). In some ways they are less strict, but you will also be given more responsibility at an earlier stage. I have worked on Destroyers and minesweepers during my career and would have to say overall the time on the sweepers was the most enjoyable and rewarding.

Hope this helps

If it's not too much you couldnt send me a pm with what day to day life is like, and a bit more of an insite to the job like how often you go away (not that I don't want to go away I want to travel) the information is pretty limited on the sites and when I went to the rnac they didn't have much information on mw either, I know it's a pain but will be very grateful,

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