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Hi all
I'm going to Raleigh as an AET in the spring and was wondering if anyone may be able to give me any info on the questions below. It's just a few things myself and my missus have been talking about as we are trying to plan things. I have a pre joining meeting where I'm sure I will get more info but just thought I would ask on here too:

1. For ph 2 training at Sultan can anyone give me any idea on when you are training and if you are able to leave base on days off (I.e mon-fri, weekends aswell?). Trying to convince her that we will be able to see each other at some point over the 6 months.

2: does anyone know when you are assigned to a squadron/base for the time after Sultan. And would your preference get taken into account here or do you have to just go where you are told (yeovilton/culdrose)

Thanks for any help anyone can give.
#2 will get some time off whilst in phase two. When exactly this will be is down to the course flow and the requirement for you to work the occasional weekend. should receive the details of your first draft/posting before the end of the will be able to state a preference with regard to location, but the needs of the service will always be paramount so you might end up going where you don't want to go. If ths is the case, it might be worth seeing if any of your classmates are also disappointed in that they got the draft you wanted but actually they wanted the other one, in which case you should approach your divisional staff about the matter...they might be able to arrange a swap draft.
In my experience having a loved one so close during critical training phases can be a disadvantage. You don't bond so well with the rest of the course.

You'll be exchanging body fluids with your partner whilst the rest of your course will be pissing up in the bar!!!! No course that I have ever attended will NOT talk course work over a beer. An extension of the learning in the classroom. Serious issues can be ironed out over a beer in the bar, something you in company with your nearest and dearest will not be privy to!
Exam revision! You go ashore for quality time with family having spent an hour or so revising - the rest of the course retire to the bar and continue revising. Who has the advantage? You will have to have a photographic memory or be one hell of a whizz kid.
As an ex NAM(AE) old money AET, there is a mass of technical info to absorb, in my opinion you would be disadvantaging yourself having family with you throughout. Do what everyone else does - Weekend it. It may be a long course but it's your career and your family should support you and not use emotional tugs to sidetrack you from the complexities of course.

As for where you end up! Major Air Station. You do have a choice/preference but you go where the Navy needs AET's and not the other way round. We used to call it; 'Life in a blue suit'.

But enjoy it, AET is a good career, best of both worlds. Loads of shore time, you do get to go to sea and play real sailors!!!! You even get to learn a useful trade.
Agree with Waspie. My family stayed in Guzz when I did Mechs course at Sultan so commuted for 3 years ('kin hate the A38). Those of us vittlies did better (on average) than the RA's. When we were struggling with, say a maths problem, we met in the bar and thrashed it out as there's always some smartares who can suss it out. Sitting at home alone with your books isn't the same, sometimes you need others to act as a sounding board.
Thanks for your answers everyone. Very helpful. I thought that might be the case with regards to where you get sent after phase 2, just wondered on time frames.
You mentioned that you used to commute when you were doing phase 2, I didn't think this would be possible. I assumed you would have to live at Sultan in shared rooms? My other half lives in Surrey so we are planning to see each other at weekends whilst I'm at Sultan.
My other half lives in Surrey so we are planning to see each other at weekends whilst I'm at Sultan.
Weekending would be fine but try and get back early enough to see the guys on course and find out what's been going on and catch up. Most of the course will weekend it, it isn't the sole perk of the married!!!!!! Weekends are a time for letting your hair down and recharging.

Don't know if it stilll happens but some parts of the training encompass weekends, and you may have to carry out duties at weekends also. A useful tool the instructional staff may utilise is to stop weekend leave if you don't come up to scratch or are a bit of a scallywag. So don't expect every weekend to be free for family reunions!!!!!

Sounds worse than it is believe me. Everyone before you will have gone through it so it's nothing new! We all survived. lol
Funny old thing, I originally come from Surrey. Yes you can go weekend providing you have the weekend free, being in a mess with other blokes on your course has nothing to do with it.

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