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Some freaky sh1t.


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I had left the UK for the FES and Mrs janner was joining me a couple of months later,in the interum she was living with her parents. A couple of days before she flew out a Gypsy woman came to the door selling lace for luck, as they did back then. Mrs j bought some and was then told that she would soon be leaving England for place far away and when she returned to the UK she would bring a son with her.

There was no way that the gypsy could have known about her coming out the Singers and our Son was born some 10 later. I have poured scorn on this for years, but in all honestly you can't explain it.

Even stranger, I had a mate (sadly now deceased) who was a gamekeeper on a very big local Estate, Jack was one of the most down to earth men I have ever known, certainly not one with a vivid imagination or given to flights of fancy. He had been called up for National Service and signed on for the extra year in the RN as an Armourer and spent some time in Carriers.

Adjoining his cottage (one placer now but it had been three, which used to be the living quarters for the laundry maids) was a big building that he used as a store but in fact used to be the laundry for the main house.

He told me that he was working by himself in the old laundry when he sensed that someone was standing close to him. He looked around and there stood a young girl dressed in servants clothes from a by gone age. He had time to take note of the style and colouring of the clothing. After a short time he looked away and looked back again and the woman had gone.

A couple of days later he visited an old (80+) woman in the village who used to work in the Main House, he questioned her in a round a bout way without telling her what he had seen, she produced some old photos of various groups of servants from her younger days, (I didn't know this myself but in some of the big houses years ago servants wore a different style and colour of clothes depending on the job they did). Amongst the photos were a group wearing the same style clothing as he had seen in the old laundry a couple of days ago.
More questioning of the old lady gave out the fact that at some stage years before one of the young laundry girls had fallen into a boiling copper and died.

I don't know what Jack saw that day but he convinced me that there was something about

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