Some freaky sh1t.

Discussion in 'Nearest & Dearest' started by 2_deck_dash, Jun 25, 2010.

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  1. Didn't know where to post this so I've stuck it in here.

    The following is a completely true account of a phone call I received from my mum last night and I will recount it here as best I can. I have absolutely no reason to believe what my mum said is untrue and she isn't on any strong medication or drugs that I know of, she doesn't drink either.

    So here goes.

    Usual niceties are exchanged, ''how's the missus getting along, is the bump showing etc. etc.''

    Then mum pipes up, ''I went to a psychic party last night.''

    Now being fairly open minded but not having much belief in ghosts our any of that stuff, very little could prepare me for what was about to come. For a full account of my religious beliefs go here:

    So mum continues, ''I walked into the room with the psychic, a woman I had never met, who was completely unaware that I was even coming to the party.''

    The woman instantly says: ''I've got your mother here and she has passed away.'' My Gran died about 5 years ago.

    ''She says the initials P and C are very important and they are people who are very close to you.'' My Gran's name was Pam, my Grandfather's name was Christopher, likewise my mum's boyfriend's name begins with a P and my name begins with a C.

    She continues: ''Your mother wants you to know that it was her who knocked the picture over.'' My mum has a phot of her mum on the mantelpiece which mysteriously fell over last week.

    The Psychic continues: ''Your mother is saying something about a blue Vauxhall and how she loved to watch it pull up because she knew it was you.'' My mum owned three different blue Vauxhalls during the time my Gran was alive.

    ''Your mother is with your father and they want you to know that the bad feeling that existed between them is now gone.'' My Grandparents divorced in the 70s and didn't speak for the rest of their lives, my Grandfather passed away last year.

    ''Your father is giving you a large bowl of chopped fruit for some reason, it has bananas in it and it is in a glass bowl.'' Whenever we went to my Grandfather's place for scran, he would serve fruit salad which my mum loves, always in a large glass bowl with chopped bananas.

    ''Your father is saying he likes your funny little caravan or campervan which is at your house and he sits in it sometimes.'' With some of the money my mum inherited when my Grandfather died, she bought a 1967 Bedford campervan, it lives in the garage next to her house.

    ''Your mother says someone is moving house soon and you looked at a house recently and she was with you.'' My sister is moving into a new house next month, the night before the party, her and my mum went to see the place.

    ''Your mother also says she wants you to make a trip or possibly go and live in California and it's important.'' My Gran was born in California and most of my family live there including my mum's brother and sister, my mum and her sister recently had a massive row and haven't spoken for a couple of months.

    ''Finally your mother and father are going to give you a feather and it will be a gift from them.'' That evening my mum was tabbing in the garden and a small feather blew down from the roof of the house and landed on her, my sister witnessed this.

    Now personally I like to keep an open mind, but this freaked me out a little. There is far too much coincidental stuff for her to have made it up, likewise she had no opportunity to talk to anyone about my mum prior to the meeting. Some of the stuff she said could be quite upsetting for someone if it weren't true, for instance the fact that both my mum's parents were dead and that they didn't get on with each other.

    I'm just a bit baffled by all this really, has anyone else ever experienced some weird and freaky shit?
  2. As old Will said..'There are more things in heven and earth,Horatio'...
  3. A bit like UFOs really. Most can be explained away but there remains a small percentage that baffle even the experts. Same with mediums. The vast percentage are charlatans and con artists but along comes one that seems to have detailed insider knowledge.

    My only son died of a heart attack in 2004 when he was 27 and although still saddened I have learnt to live with it, only throwing a wobbler once a year now instead of once a day.

    Things have happened to me, that I prefer not to share, that convinces me that he still exists on another plane/parallel universe. Perhaps those among us such as mediums, are more in touch with their 'inner self' and are able to tune into this psychic conciousness.
  4. I am under the same opinion when it comes to this sort of thing, however,
    My missus when to see one in Yeovil, and she told her "You have just bought a white car"
    Inded I picked up a cheap nissan sunny for work,
    "You will have trouble with it" she said.

    A week later I had a head on, wrote it off and the indurance case went on for nearly 2 years!!!

    Also she saw another in Stamford, who told here Joyce wanted to say hello and mentioned my name. Joyce was my dads sister. Spooky.

    Came out with loads of specific stuff, if they make it up I don't know how?

    Once she went to see one who said, "I can see a uniform", my wife said "That will be my husband, he's in the Navy". Her classic reply was" I can see the south coast, Portsmouth, Plymouth".
  5. Serves you right for buying a Jap shitbox. :D

    Awesome! :lol:
  6. Cant have been that good, if she had said, Culdrose, Yeovilton, Prestwick I would have been impressed. :D
  7. Nothing awesome bout Plymouth. Even if the Birds really will do anything.........for the next benefits check :D

    On the subject of the post however...........Have to agree that I feel theres possibly more to life than what science understands..........Look at the existence of J_Dabb and her brother
  8. I would never put the words Culdrose, Yeovilton and Prestwick in the same sentence as 'impressed.'
  9. Sorry to hear about your boy. I'm not sure where I stand on all this but last night was certainly an eye opener.

    I've experienced a couple of weird things in the past but always put it down to coincidence/science/being rat arsed.

    My Grandad's watch stopped at the exact time he died, that was a little weird, but again I always put it down to coincidence.
  10. So men of science tell us that "Ghost's do not exist".

    If science proves/disproves all that is at face value unanswerable, how does it explain what has always troubled me:-

    Before men had the "Known" ability to cross oceans to other continents, they all evolved their own culture, myths and ideology.
    One common denominator is that all cultures seem to have evolved the myth/concept of afterlife.
    If this is pure coincidence, then why is parallel thinking not in a greater part of cultures. IE dress, food preparation given that countries that have developed completely different dishes have all ingredients common to both.
    I know of a ghost sighting that I would never refute, given the person who told it to me is a sceptic, but still insists that the report was accurate.

    A fellow know to her about 30 years ago who was at the time around 70/75 years old. He worked for my acquaintance as a part time gardener, and odd job man. It was said that he had little or no sense of humour, and was staid and solid of character.
    He lived about 2 miles away at the other end of a rambling hamlet in what was then rural Worcestershire, and rode to her house three times a week on an old bike.
    At one place on the route, the road dipped down into a hollow, and came face to face with three cottages, before turning sharply away and climbing a slight incline.
    To the right of the cottages was a pool, that was surrounded by a fence.

    He arrived at my friends one morning excited and flustered, and on being questioned he said that he had witnessed a peculiar scene at the cottages. As he came down the hill he observed five men in uniform watering their mounts at the pool. As he saw them, they appear to have seen him and looked shocked and surprised.
    He cycled away fast as he said they were up to no good as they had torn down the fence. He described accurately what they were dress like.
    My friend used to teach History at a school in Hereford, and was amazed at the description the old boy gave her. She went immediately to the cottages where the fence around the pond was found to be intact, and there was no visible signs that horses had been by the pool despite the ground being infirm.
    Further investigation revealed that the sleeve colours that the old man had described on the uniforms was exactly right for the regiment of Parliamentary cavalry that were occupying that district during the English civil war. It is relevant to add that it is not generally known amongst the lay man that regiments wore different colour combinations on their sleeves to denote regiments.

    It is important to add there was no re enactments locally at the time, and the other peculiar thing is that they seem to have seen him simultaneously, and were according to him surprised.
    Well they would be seeing a bike.
    Did they go and report a glimpse into the future, or would prudence be the rule of thumb, given the consequences then of "Witchcraft".
  11. Good story Rummers. I'd heard a few ghost stories in the past but most of them were the usual haunted bridge wing ones to wind up newbies etc.

    One story that does stick out though:

    A bowl that my Great Grandmother owned is kept on a shelf at my Grandparent's place. (Dad's folks, not the ones from the Psychic story.) One day it fell inexplicably off the shelf that it had sat undisturbed on for years, it didn't break though. At the same moment a strong smell of rose perfume filled the room, a scent my Great Grandmother used to wear. Both my Grandparents, two uncles and an aunt witnessed this and I have no reason to disbelieve them. None of them are mental and none of them are particularly spiritual.

    Weird shit.
  12. Through the marvels of the internet, I have discovered how your Grandad managed to sychronise his death with his watch. He went on to this site:

    set his watch on the day in question to his exact time of death given on the site, and then removed the battery and waited for the inevitable.

    Not sure of the accuracy of the site as I should have died 2 years and 84 days ago.
  13. According to this I'm gonna live til I'm 98. Better start drinking and doing more drugs. I don't wanna be the only fcuker left that I know.
  14. My mum told me this story a few years ago now, but I actually remember the event if not the implications.

    In the late 50's it was still not possible to obtain new mass produced furniture of quality as the wood imports at that time were still being used to rebuild Britain after lots of rowdy German airmen visited us and caused lots of damage. Utility furniture was the order of the day or recycled and antique.

    To use things from other pieces was also the vogue, and in this spirit my mum had rescued a mirror from an old long bedroom chest. It was when in situ oval the widest parts going from end to end. When it was removed and hung on the wall it was a very nice piece, inlaid edges and long enough to get a full view overall of the person using it.

    As the glass was crystal and beveled edges, it was a much admired and sought after commodity.
    Hence when my parents were selling up and disposing of their furniture prior to us returning to Australia, a row broke out between certain echelons of the family as to whom it would go.
    In the middle of the night just prior to the final decision, there was an almighty crash downstairs. When my dad went to investigate, the mirror was on the deck smashed to bits.
    The hanging chain was still in tact on the mirror, and the hanging hook was still in the wall and secure.
  15. Fuckin hell I'm going to die on the 27th march 2042.

    I hope it's not a friday as we have fish, chips and lager.
    A brummies tea. yum yum :roll: :D
  16. Went to Scarboro' the year before got marrried to the first Mrs WM, she talked me into seeing one of the seaside psychics.
    She/he (can't recall which) said that I was in the Military (short haircut - this was the 70s - so no surprise there) :yawn: , but then he/she said that i had something on my arm there was one of one and three of another :shock: I was a PO at the time so that came as a bit of surprise. He/she also said that my ex was someone who worked with women's hair (she was a stylist). Soon buggered off out of there after having to part with 'silver' ... :x

    Only other time, many years before as a baby jack in Sembawang, and one of the palm readers read the proverbial, and stated the number that I was asked to think of beforehand .......... :shock: .... peed off into the nearest bar tout d'suite !! Colourful piccies ;) , I can stand but someone appearing to read my mind - rather scary for 16 yo !!
  17. They did a study on this recently and found out that statistically most people will say the same number when presented with a few choices and a little suggestion. Much like the think of a vegetable thing and everyone says carrot.

    Here goes:

    Think of a number between 1 and 50.

    It should be a two digit number and both digits should be odd.

    Who was thinking of 37?
  18. Being a twat and not reading your post properly, I immediately thought of 25. :oops: :roll:
  19. Not me !!

    Mine was 25 ......... :oops: (Well it is Friday !! :razz: )

    God !!, how I do need a beer, or three !!
  20. Those seiks that did the fortune reading in the bars of sembwang were really a hard act to follow.

    One once told me until I was much much older I would never be destitute, but would never be rich or even well off.
    All my civvy life every time I acquired money in any amount, something came and took it.
    I was told that the number 21 would be significant and life changing to me.
    I was stabbed and had heart failure on the 21st of june.
    I won 21,000 a few years ago when Man U did the treble, and I have just had the good fortune to be offered £2,100. squid for an antique I bought for a few pounds two years ago in Poland.
    Having said that I never had much luck getting Norway Chris to fetch me 9 o'clockers. (Did you see what I did there) :roll:

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