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Some final thoughts before Raleigh


So it looks like the question has been asked quite a bit on the site but I'll be that guy and ask again. I'm off to do my PRNC at Rosyth on 28th October (anyone else?) hoping all that'll go well. If it does, I'm slated for Raleigh 19th January 2014.

I decided a while back that I wanted to join as an Engineering Technician (ME) and am now considering a switch after finding out, from various sources, what the job is like. Obviously different people have different opinions but overall I now don't think its the role for me. How would a switch at this stage affect my waiting time for Raleigh? I was considering CIS but my AFCO told me initially that there was approximately a 4 year wait for the role! Would I be pushed forward for the position since I'm further down the recruitment process?

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You won't be "pushed forward" for anything if you don't want to. If you have changed your mind you need to speak to your AFCO. It will all depend on the availability of CIS positions (and whether you are eligible) as to when you would enter the navy.


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I'm reading "pushed forward" as jumping the queue...

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Maybe I phrased that wrong. I was wondering if I'd still need to wait the 4 years (if that's what it really is.) I did rather well on my RT and am eligible for any position at Rating level. I have a degree and no highers/A-levels, so I'm unable to apply as an officer. Not overly bothered about that anyway.


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All I'd suggest is choose the job you want before you join as it's too late after you join. Speak to your AFCO. CIS isn't a 4 year wait, so far as I know, but changing branches will definitely put back your entry date.

All those applying initially for CIS at the same time as you will be allocated ahead of you, but all those passing the test after you, not already allocated an entry date, will be allocated after you.

No point going on a PRNC if your entry date is pushed back due to a change of branch and a later entry date - you'll just need to repeat it.

Each to their own with regard their own view of branches, technical qualifications & transferable skills. ET's & CIS's both work shifts (watches) and the main difference is one works in an office (CIS) whereas the other tends to get their hands dirty (ET). Personally I preferred the latter when I was younger, but having since worked in an office for the last ten years as a careers adviser, I'm quite content with the change of environment and don't miss rolling around in oil. (Well, only in my leisure-time, nowadays)
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