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Some fact checking before SIFT


Hi all, I'm a long time lurker, first time poster.

I've got my SIFT interview tomorrow and I'm relatively happy with where my knowledge is at. The one place i'm feeling weakest is what happens after passing out of Dartmouth. I'm applying for Warfare Officer (Submarines).
I know that for warfare training you go to HMS Collingwood, and currently you do your submarine training at HMS Raleigh and HMS Sultan. I was just wondering if anyone could clarify for me in which order you would do these? I'm assuming it would be warfare training and then submarine training, but wanted to check to be sure, as I'm struggling to find a definitive answer online.

Many thanks.


That's incredibly helpful Ninja, many thanks. So if I'm reading that correctly I would miss out the 9 month SFT (Second/Supplementary Fleet Time?) and go straight on to the 16 week portion of the IWO course. (Initial Warfare Officer course? Another educated guess.)


Ah, I see, thanks for the correction. Relatively happy with what I'll be up to after BRNC, assuming I get that far, now, thanks all.

EDIT to avoid double posting:

Had my SIFT today and managed a 'solid pass', to quote the ACLO. Many thanks Ninja, as he was very impressed with my knowledge of the training pipeline.
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So, is it just SFT that warfare officers miss out for submarines?

Edit: Sorry, I couldn't see the image on my phone, how long is the Intermediate Warfare Course?
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