Some excuses required


Had to leave the RMR in early 2005 due to uni

Finished my uni course tho so now its time to rejoin. However; i kept hold of my kit! Don't know why but i just never got it back in to the detachment.
So; my question is gents - in your opinion how much sh*t am i going to be in over this?

what do you fellas think, this has been kinda bugging every time i think about rejoining.
Why not just tell them?

Firstly, it'll save having to issue you new kit,

Secondly, they could be partly at fault for not making the effort to take it back (eg sending you reminders)

Personally, I doubt whether you'll be in the sh*t - however, it depends on the kit you kept: CS95 etc fine, SA80 or GPMG not so fine, Landrover and 0.5 Browning very bad. :wink:


Lantern Swinger
I agree with Tattodog
honsety is the best policy , if not it may come back and bite you on the arse!
What have you to loose by owning up ? nothing.
What have you to loose by keeping sthum. A large 126 from the RQ and the respect of your instructors.
its a no brainer


War Hero
Alternativly, preptend to be your late self identical twin and your returning the kit you found but as it fits you and your keen on joining etc...... :wink: :wink:
Try keeping it, might come in handy, if questioned own up and say you've moved around alot what with Uni it obviously slipped your mind. If you have a different QM from when you left I'd say you were laughing.


Cheers; you put my mind at ease thought they might have really seen their arses over this. But going off you fellas sounds like it should be okay am definitely going to tell them i've still got my kit. I imagine they'll have a moan over it at first but i bet they'll be more pleased to have the extra bod making up the recruit numbers.
Thanks again for your thoughts on this
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