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Some cool stuff on Youtube


Lantern Swinger
Frames Per Second.

Camera at same frequency as blades (ish)!

Nobody else seems to be playing, so unless anyone else knows otherwise, I am correct!!


War Hero
noemis said:
Get me this body armour for christmas please!!

Dragon Skin

Was on a program on Discovery Channel. They emptied 1 mag of 7.62, 1 of 5.56(?) and 1 9mm into it - no marks on the dummy wearing it. They then threw it on a grenade for good measure.......


Lantern Swinger
All I need is one that covers arms, legs, groin and head and I'm ready to go!! Maybe not too practicle though!!

Missed the series on Discovery, but it's all on you tube, oh and on Discovery Civilisation at 4pm this afternoon! Only trouble is, I've got a train to catch at 5.15pm and got to that age where I can't be bothered to learn how to use the DVD recorder, Sky + sometime soon me thinks!
noemis said:
Frames Per Second.

Camera at same frequency as blades (ish)!

Nobody else seems to be playing, so unless anyone else knows otherwise, I am correct!!

I was joking, of course its FPS mate :roll: :D
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