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Discussion in 'RMR' started by MMAgeek, Jan 21, 2008.

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  1. Hi all, I'm new to all this military stuff, so I apologise if I ask any stupid questions, but its just my lack of knowledge on the subject matter.

    Anyway here goes:

    1) I am a keen practioner and competitor in MMA or cage fighting as some of the more 'look at me' people refer to it. Even though it's a legitimate and sanctioned sport, I know alot of peoples perception of it is not the greatest to say the least! So i was just wondering would the RMR frown apon this if i decided to join?

    2) My exercise consists of between 10-15 hours per week of Muay Thai Boxing, BJJ, Submission wrestling, boxing, running and swimming; all at a reasonable high intensity. Is there anything I don't know that could assist me with getting into the RMR, like running in boots etc?

    3)I am just coming to the end of my Masters Degree, and plan to go into teaching or lecturing. Is there anyone on this forum who also is a teacher, and how achievable is it being a teacher and in the RMR?

    4)What are the differences in joining my local TA infantry as opposed to the RMR apart from the fitness level differences?

    5)To pay for my academic studies, I am a head doorman at a local nightclub, and might have problems making some of the weekends. Would this be unacceptable?

    6) How comparable is an RMR member who has completed all his training to a regular RM?

    Thanks for your time and advice
  2. wet_blobby

    wet_blobby War Hero Moderator

    Hi MMAgeek, welcome to RR mate. Cant see cage fighting as being a problem, it shows you have disipline and are a fit fcuker. I knew alot of booties in the late 80's that did bare knuckle fighting..... that was frowned upon.

    Ex rubberdagger will be along soon mate, he's gone through the whole RMR routine, he's the best one to sort your queries out.
  3. Hi mate and thanks for that Blobbs.

    I will try to answer your questions as best i can but i need to point out that i left the RMR in 1995 so my information wont be that up to date.

    1) Question one i cant really answer but as Blobbs quite rightly pointed out this indicates that your a fit bastard which is indeed useful. My only query would be from a medical perspective in as far as whether you have attained any head injuries or other serious injuries that have resulted from fighting. Also are you on any meds for this??

    2) At this stage I WOULD NOT run in boots as this is a bad idea due to the risk of injuries. I'm not sure about the submission thing, sounds like some form of S&M shit to me :thumright:

    3) I would say that being a teacher and being in the RMR would be fine as if you count all of the weekends and holidays that you get. This will give you time to go on courses if you attain your green lid.

    4) I like this one. The RMR training is around 1 year to 18 months as opposed to an infantry unit which is bugger all. This along with the high attrition rate sets them apart from the TA except UKSF reserves and even their basic training is shorter. Do the maths, 160 blokes on my holding troop selection with about 5 passing. I was the only guy at my unit who passed in 1992.

    5) The idea behind the RMR is that they can dovetail in within a regular unit if their numbers are reduced or the individual "Rubber" has a skill the regs are short of. The Corps WILL NOT draft a bunch of reservists unless they are short as opposed to the TA who draft whole units and use them as defence troops etc.

    Hope this helps and is anyone disagrees with my comments feel free to correct me. :thumright:
  4. Great advice, thank you

    I am looking to join the Birmingham detachment, as it is closest to where i live. The is also a SASR quite near me as well, and was wondering which is harder to successfully complete; the RMR course or the SASR course? I know ex-rubber dagger said the RMR is longer than the SASR but is it as challenging both physically and mentally?

    I'm not saying i could complete either course, but I have a high level of civvy fitness and i think I'm pretty switched on also. So i really would like to potentially undertake a challenge, which I'm sure both the RMR and SASR offer.

    FOA: Ex-Rubber Dagger: I have been quite lucky regarding my MMA training/competing and have only suffered from broken ribs/ broken wrist/ broken hand/ concussion a few times. But nothing long lasting or anything that requires long term medicine. Will any of the above bar me from entry?

    cheers again
  5. Hello again

    From a personal point of view i would have a go at the RFCC or Reserve Forces Commando Course first before venturing over to SF. My reasoning on this is that civvies without any prior experience tend to fare less well than someone with some TA, Reserve, or regular experience because of the steep learning curve on selection. A bloke with no experience doesn't want to be faffing about learning to put up a bivvy in the dark and pissing rain or cook scran after a long tab over the beacons as i have actually witnessed and have had to step in and help.

    The Cdo Course and SAS selection are 2 entirely different animals in as far as the Regt tend to promote "self reliance" during the hill phase and then team work when working within a patrol. The CDO course is about team work and working within a unit. In other words the roles are different as is the training to a degree.

    If you have no medical conditions or are on no meds per see then i shouldn't think it would be a problem. P.M Ninja Stoker on here for more advice as he has far superior knowledge on the recruiting aspects.

    Good luck!!
  6. The MMA is nobody elses business really, it is nothing illegal and will no doubt serve you well as the others have said.

    Running in boots is discouraged, but personally I find it 100 times better than running in trainers as the shock absorbing qualities seem far superior and I have had few shin problems that I suffered with immensly in the past from doign phys in trainers. I'm not advocating you do this, just stating a fact.

    How comparable? Well a Reservist passes the same tests, learns the same skills and slots directly into a regular unit to go on ops, so what do you think?
  7. Yeah, a 100 times better untill you get shin splints, and im not talking about sore lower limbs. what trainers have you been running with those shock absorbing properties? reebok classics? My advice stay away from boots unless you need to run in them. As for RMR vs. infantry no contest in my opinion!
  8. Why?

    If you're going to offer an opinion to the table, why not explain your reasons for it!?
  9. I think his opinion is a sound one personally having seen some good recruits fall by the wayside quite early due to running in boots. Why bother unless your doing a speed march or yomp as the phys you should be doing will compensate for not wearing them.
  10. Ill tell you why, coz ive been there done that got the shin splints, shin splints were you cant walk not the oh ive got a sore leg, that a good enough reason or do you want me to explain more?
  11. LOL

    How bitter.

    Me too, I have gone as far as stress fractures in both shins, seen 2 physios, 3 doctors, had 4 sets of orthotics and still suffer with them every so often. Me personally, I have found running in boots beneficial as they reduce the amount of pronation and supination and thus reduce the stressors causing pain.

    If they cause more problems than they solve for people without issues with their feet/lower limbs, then of course it should be discouraged, but everyone still does it despite this.

    Welcome to RumRation.

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