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Discussion in 'The Corps' started by rugger_bob, Nov 3, 2006.

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  1. As some of you are aware, i broke my collar bone 6-7 weeks ago ,but i just started my fitness last night doing 2.4 km run in 9.5 mins- struggled a little but i was happy with the result, but when it came to the swimming i couldnt even manage the breast stroke ( caused pain in my shoulder ) :( , i am very worried at not being able to complete my fittness tests for RNR and i have my medical next week, any tips or advice would be really helpful, as i must pass this at all costs as this is my last chance to enter the service due to my age .

    Thanks in advance.

  2. RB

    To be honest mate Im totally against training through injury, however if you have absolutely no choice and cant try again at a later date then try the following.

    Rest your arm until the tests - put it in a sling if need be, but complete rest and no phys!!!

    Two days before the event stretch and mobilise your shoulder to loosen everything up, but keep the movements slow and precise (dont fckn windmill your arms!!)

    Rub a pain relieving / anti-inflamatory gel into the area daily between now and the tests. (ie Voltaren/Voltarol)

    Dose up big time on brufen before the events to ease the pain so you can crack on (remember brufen is safe to take with Paracetamol to increase its effectiveness)

    Dig deep and go for it mate, but be careful. Whats the point of passing if your biffed for life afterwards? Also after the tests are you going to have time to let your shoulder heal properly before further training? If not you might find that you cant continue anyway and all this would be for nothing.

    Good luck whatever you do.
  3. Cheers Spenny, I haven't done any training (Gym, running etc) or playing sport since I had the break, But I have full movement, but have not tryed to perform anything until last night, so i think the running is fine providing I am not sprinting, so the tread mill fitness should be ok, its just when I come to the medical next wednesday, as I have a large lump, then when i start with the RNR Jan, which I think is the next intake - so thats when i will have to be able to swim.

    Cheers Pal.
  4. Alright mate

    I think you should keep up the light jogging but do nothing strenuous whatsoever with your arms until january. The tests will not be that difficult, so as long as your BFT scores are passable (9min 30 secs is not bad mate) Im sure you will be fine.

    Prevention is better than cure, so rest it well and make a full recovery before you start training, or it will end up a permanent injury. Thats from experience bud!!

    The lump on your shoulder/collarbone wont be a drama in the medical and they probably wont notice it if you dont scream "thatreallyhurtyabastard" if Doc touches it!!

    Best of luck to you mate
  5. Not bad for an old timer, aged 39 yrs young- 9.30 mins, I didnt even push it. But I wont get cocky- cos I know from past experiences that it can and often does goe tits up, when you feel too cocky !!!.

    Cheers for your help matey, I will let you know how I get on next week, fingers, toes and everything else crossed, I will leave the swimming lark till after xmas, then if I am fit I will have two - three weeks intensive swimming.

    P.S. If you hear of some loon knocking a doctor out at a AFCO, YOU WILL KNOW ITS ME, COS HE TICKLED MY COLLAR BONE !!! LOL.

    Thanks for your assistance.
  6. Just to let you all know I passed the fitness test, but not a happy bunny with the time, 13min 16secs , the heat got to me in LA fitness.
    Why cant they do the fitness outside is it a cost issue or due to aiming to have a set standard for everyone ?

    On sat last , I performed 2.2 mile run in 13 mins 2 secs but OUTSIDE,
    I know I can get a better time running on the streets etc, I feel just a little deflated, knowing I could of done better.

    Anyway I have passed, thats the main thing. :)
  7. Well done mate.. You have the right aptitude for it.

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