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Discussion in 'The Corps' started by WannabeRM, Oct 21, 2006.

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  1. Hi, i'm 28 years old and in good condition ( would still need train a bit though :p ). I'm from South Africa and I qualify to join the RM. I have just complete my HNC in IT Technical Support and want to join the RMarines.

    I have a few questions though, like, am I to old?
    Are there any other 'old boys' going through recruit training?
    I'm not looking to join as an officer but would like to know if I'll still be up for promotions?

    I'll appreciate any advice and would definitly like to hear from anybody similar in age to me who is currently a recruit /finishing recruitment.

  2. hi It's been over ten years since i joined the corps, so things may be a little out of date, but im sure max age for officer is 25 so you will have to go for regulars, but you are still young enought to go for that, being older makes some things easyer but be prepared to be with lads a lot younger away from home for the first time. i would suggest looking on the RM website and get as much info as you can
  3. I left the corps a long time ago 1987 so I'm a bit out of date. If you scan through these forums you can find loads of more upto date info. As an ex Drill instructor Who trained recruits for a good few years I can tell you that the training team will expect more from you as a potential leader within your training troop. The younger recruits will also look to you for advice and you don't say what your marital status is. being older than most recruits can be a major problem or if you have leadership potential it can be a great asset. You need to make sure your fitness is top notch and you are prepared to take a load of stick during your training for what might appear on the surface to be childish, pointless and sometimes down right stupid, How ever it is all done for a purpose and that is is to produce a MARINE able to join a Cdo unit and be part of the team. Age will not count against you as far as promotion is concerned within the ranks and could prove an asset if you have what it takes. GOOD LUCK
  4. I was commisioned into the TA infantry at 28 (after 3 years as a trooper/private), and made captain 3 years later. I know it's not the Royals, but my experience as an older recruit may be useful.

    If you're a grown-up, polishing boots and marching up and down can seem a bit pointless, so you may find that harder than the younger guys do. However, your endurance should be better, so that will help with the physical stuff.

    You have to manage the things you can control; your fitness is obviously the main one; cross that off the list and the mental stuff is easier to manage.

    Your extra life experience will be a big asset to the rest of the guys in your team, many of whom will not have achieved anything of any value in their lives so far and don't know what they're capable of (I know that that's the job of the instructors, but your help will get them through the rough parts). Helping the others will help you to deal with the difficult bits.

    Hope this helps.
  5. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    We currently have a SA Cpl on board Bulwark who joined the Corps 6 years ago after several years in the SA Police Force. He had no problems with entry but is now facing immigration difficulties - including the likelihood of discharge from the Corps - as he is not a holder of a full UK Passport. If you have one of them then there should be no problem.
  6. There should be no problem with immigration - all members of home (as opposed to colonial) forces are automatically exempt from any immigration control under the Immigration Act 1971.

    His unit should arrange for his passport to be stamped to say that he is exempt from immigration control. As a member of the Forces an immigration officer has no power over him and he cannot be refused entry to the UK or deported. Normally the problem is being accepted in the first place or meeting RN nationality requirements for security clearance purposes.
  7. Ok, thanks for the replies. Been thinking of joining the British Military Fitness team in my local park, will definitely join now, get some extra sweat off! Think this will help mentally to an extent too.

    I begining to think that the age and maturity issue can only be dealt with when the time comes. Can't let a bit of p*ss taking put me off!

    Alright, thank you for the advice.
  8. Glad to have helped. Let us know how you get on.
  9. But we will gladly take the rest of flotsom of the rest of the world , the life boat will only hold so fxxxxxxxxg much , this country is making peaple racist with it's policies & agendas , I sit and listen to peaple in the club & I tell you I'ts go'ing to kick off eventualy , thank fxxk I'm in my 50s , dread to think what it's go'ing to be like in 30/40s time , nightmare ,

    back to the subject , give the bloke the passport , my blood is boiling ,
  10. DonDon - even in your 50s you are not too young!
  11. Ians_Lad wrote: If you're a grown-up, polishing boots and marching up and down can seem a bit pointless, so you may find that harder than the younger guys do. However, your endurance should be better, so that will help with the physical stuff.

    Very sound advice. I was late to join as a rating and then older when I transferred to officer. A lot of the things I was required to do did seem pointless and probably were to a certain degree. Much of it is about state of mind and how well you react to following bland (not blind) instructions.

    I recommend a little, but not too much, tunnel vision. Know where you are and know where you want to be. To get there you have to follow an established route. It may be dull and a little painful but when you get there it will all seem very worthwhile. If you want it badly enough - you'll make it through.

    Good luck

  12. Mate Im 30 and in the process of joining the RMR. When I first joined this forum I asked the same question.

    From the replys I got and from speaking to Bootnecks in the Corps and in the RMR, as long as you can hack the phys then it shouldnt be a drama.

    As SF said, you will have to be prepared to accept some of the bullshit that comes with training (which can be more difficult for an older recruit) but if you can drive on through that and you want it badly enough then it shouldnt stop you.

    Good luck!!!
  13. The advice is: Get your ferking self together lad. There is no better than being a bootneck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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