Some advice on Medical coming up .

I went to my docs last week and got my blood pressure done and all of that and there all fine. The main reason is I went to docs is to make sure there is nothing wrong with me before my medical in 1 week that needs addressing.

My height is 5ft 11inches and my weight is 84 kg wich makes me 26.1 I think on the BMI . I dont feel fat or look fat in anyway I run everyday and was wondering would I fail on the 26.1 or is that a pass ?

thanks for reading .
Nothing wrong with what you did i suppose, as it goes with the BMI your similar to me so dont worry about it, im no doc but just see what happens, i had no problem, Good luck, let us know how you get on.
Hey all a quick update I passed everything on the medical. They have put me as TMU at the mo because they need some checks on my fractures but if that is fine which I'm sure it is . I Wilkins have passed 100% :)


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Ah good. Glad to hear the anxiety attacks did not unduly affect the medical examination. Good luck with the fractures - try to stop breaking bits'n'bobs.

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