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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by Wilko9112, Aug 6, 2012.

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  1. Hi.

    About two years ago I gave alot of thought into joining the RN, that or going to university. In the end I decided to go to university. After finishing my second year, completing a Foundation degree in the first year, Its become clear that I wont be able to finish my time in uni, Failed 2/5 modules and student finance wont pay my tuition to repeat the year (meaning iv got to find £8500 by sept).
    Since this is the case iv gone back to thinking about the RN. Will the fact that I was unable to complete the degree go against me in applying? Also Im turning 25 this month and the maximum age to join is 25, does this mean I will not be able to apply at all?

    Before I started uni I completed A-Levels, 240ish UCAS points, and went into work. I spent 5 years as shop manager for a garden centre, running a team of about 15 people. Will this make up for not having a full degree??

    can anyone advise me on what to do? Im very much interested in applying to train to become a Warfare Officer
  2. Your grounding in horticulture should stand you in good stead as you will be able to assist the crumb-brush with the flower arranging when the skipper has one of his or hers even dinner parties.
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  3. Though many of us like to think otherwise the warfairies are not reincarnations of failures from previous lives.
    I think if you apply for an occifer steward. this will lead to lots of contact with warfairies and even airy fairies (if you are lucky). You will be able to attend ALL of the wardroom parties and lead an interesting an enjoyable life.;-P
  4. maximum age 25? i was 31 when i joined up what branch you joining
  5. The modern bit..... where are you, "Gods waiting room"?
    Fuckin geriatric old bastard, did you have the strength to lift your kit bag,especially with your incontinence panties in it.:shock:=D
  6. haha NO warfare
  7. Wilko, I have a degree in astrophysics and still didn't pass in my April/May board. They value leadership potential and effective intelligence more than any degree qualification. If you were a shop manager then you should be OK. As long as you do well in the maths, English and abstract reasoning tests at AIB then it really doesn't matter. With regards to age, I can only suggest to have a talk with your AFCO. Bear in mind that currently getting from AFCO to AIB took me 9 months.
  8. What the flying fark is "abstract reasoning" ???? Sounds like managerial-speak for senile dementia to me. Best of British anyway. You probably won't get the chance to actually kill many people due to the prohibitive cost of rockets/missiles/bombs and bullets but you'll definitely get the chance to shout "BANG" every once in a while when on Exercise or Work up. If you had been the manager of a *POUNDLAND* shop in the North East of England, then you would have be hard enough to go in for Royal Marine with a view to volunteering for the SBS at a later date.
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  9. I don't know what abstract reasoning is as I failed.
  10. Ohhhh I get it. It's sort of along these lines. (1). A dwarf gets in a lift on the ground floor of a 20 storey block of flats. The dwarf lives on the 20th floor, but can ONLY reach the button that'll get him to the 10th floor (because he's a fu**ing dwarf). There's no other person in the lift, and he can't use the stairs,so how does Mister Stumpy eventually get to his flat on the 20th floor then? Abstract reasoning.....begin.
  11. You've combined the question with the answer there which renders it pointless. The question is along the lines of 'why does the dwarf get out at the 10th floor when he lives on the 20th?'. It is then that the position of the buttons becomes relevant to someone who uses lateral thought.
  12. I still don't know the answer, which would explain why I'm sat here doing Night-shift No.1 out of 3 instead of earning more dosh in a nine-to-five environment. Right now, I am utterly knackered and wondering why I've got to stay awake for 20-24 hrs at a time just to keep my overdraft at a manageable level. What is the answer please? I remember hearing this dwarf thing many moons ago, and if I merged the answer with the question I apologise for my lack of brain power. B.N.M.
  13. Nearly right Billy

    He lives on the 20th floor and rides the lift all the way down going to work. On sunny days on his way home he takes the lift to the 10th floor and then walks the rest of the way up the stairs! But on rainy days he rides all the way to the top!

    Discuss ...............
  14. Blackrat

    Blackrat War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    He uses his umbrella to press the required button.

    Abstract thoughts eh? Here's one;

    I go to work on the tube. At the first stop, it's just me. At the second stop, 10 people get on. At the third stop, 3 get off, 15 get on. At the fourth stop, 10 get on, 3 get off and a bird with massive tits and a mini skirt gets on. How can i sit opposite her without making it obvious?
  15. Do they still have the question at the AIB - you are hanging upside down from a tree watching the sunset if you entend your left arm which was is it pointing?

    And the one - what rank is James bond - Captain, Cook , PO or Cdr?

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  16. He goes to the 10th floor as it's the only button he can reach, then he presses 10 again and carries on. 10 + 10 + 20, simple innit.
  17. So he's hangin' out of a dwarf, in a lift at the tenth floor, pointing north with his umbrella.

    Have I got that right?

  18. Thats your problem, its not rocket science
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  19. You get out of your seat for an old woman/man/spacker and then sit opposite her. Easy.

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