Some advice needed.


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Evening chaps.

My hope is to get into the RN as an AET, my brother is already an AET, my other brother a Marine and my father a Civvy Aircraft Engineer.

I put in my application on Thursday, and by Saturday i had a letter delivered for my initial test -which is in 3 weeks time.

My concern is my BMI, ive always been into bodybuilding, amature of course but generally just like having a decent amount of muscle mass, this of course is working against me in the BMI department.

This year ive unfortunately gone through some personal issues, which has meant that everything in my life has come second, mainly my fitness. Ive ended up putting on weight, and have ended up in the worst shape of my life.

Now, i know what i need to do, i have a BMI of around 36 at the moment which needs to be below 30 from what i understand.

My real question is i guess, is how long to i have before my Medical?

So my initial test is in 3 weeks, after that if all goes well i get my interview, and then after that i have my medical and eye test. What's the time frame involved from now until the date i ultimately get my medical?

Any ideas from personal experience?

Im working extremely hard to lower my BMI, and ive no doubt i can do it, but an indication as to how long i have, would be awesome.

I appreciate your time folks, any information would be appreciated.



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Ho Aaron, a big welcome,

A familiar set of circumstances to many who are into body-building. At risk of repeating the oft repeated phrase- you need CV fitness, not the ability to pump iron. It's rather unfortunate your brothers, particularly the one who is a Marine, didn't advise you before you became so mah-hooosive. If they both did, then there's not a lot to add.

Generally, the upper BMI is around 28, although the Medical Examiner has a degree of discretion & may allow higher parameters up to around 30 if you appear to be otherwise fit and carry little body fat.

You have as long as you want (up to your 37th birthday in fact) to achieve the target weight, regardless of the date you sit the recruiting test (valid for 3 years).

If you had the dedication to achieve such a muscle mass, there's little doubt it's well within your capacity to get yourself "in-zone"

The very best of luck to you.


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Thank you for your efficient reply!

So, in essence the recruitment procress can be "paused" at any time?

Well, with regards to my brothers advising on fitness. I have always been aware of what is required, although the BMI thing i was never too sure on, i was led to believe that as long as you could meet the fitness test requirements -you were in.

Its a bit of a shame that they do everything on the BMI system, as im sure you know it doesn't always tell the true picture!

And yes, i know what you mean, when speaking with the recruitment advisors i was told to "run run run, take a break, leave the weights and do some more running".

Many thanks for your reply!


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TheAaronP said:
So, in essence the recruitment process can be "paused" at any time?
Yup, it's entirely up to you.

Rest assured there are many serving Divers & Royal Marines that fall foul of the BMI scales due to muscle mass, probably many others too, The issue is to meet the qualifying standard for entry first, then as long as you meet the "in service" fitness standards, you can haggle with the Medical Officer if he/she has the bottle to call a genuine "muscle bosun" obese. Personally, I wouldn't.


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Thanks for the advice Ninja, much appreciated.

I intend to keep a log charting my progress, might stick it up on the forums at some point if people are interested in that sort of thing.

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