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Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by seafarer1939, Oct 16, 2008.

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  1. The fact that 2 Somali Post Office workers demanded extra time off 5 times a day to pray[not accepted] is beyond belief but now we learn,in the times of nearly 2 million out of work,it turns out neither can speak English!
    Any-one care to explain how this works?and more importantly.which knobhead allowed this to happen?
    I thought English speech was an essential part of living here now.
    Who reads the safety notices out to them?
    Another road to despair for the desperate un-employed looking for work.
  2. Demanded? Nice bit of emotive wording there.

    Look on the bright side, it gives you the opportunity to have a racist rant.
  3. Its not racist its commen sense.....
  4. What is?

    I can't see a useful statement in the comment, just a blinkered moan.
  5. Hardly a" rant" No bombastic language No theatrical recitation I could detect.
    Very reasoned well-thought out comment I would have thought. Racist? because it refers to non-English speaking Somalis. I think the people of Mogadishu might have something to say if I was a non-Somali speaking postman there
  7. So you look down on them but agree with their attitudes?

    A totally irrelevant minor 'news' item has been posted on here for no reason other than to expose those oh-so-chipped shoulders.
  8. I think it isn't just Somali ''visitors '' that can't speak English
    lots of Poles ,Russian, Estonian and Latvians here not full English speakers.
    It depends on the class of work they are performing and need to know.
    Most of the immigrant workers are low paid manual workers and after being shown the job -like broom and dust pan with black bag just get on with it.

    :nemo: :nemo:
  9. tiddlyoggy

    tiddlyoggy War Hero Book Reviewer

    We're not talking about cleaners here we're talking posties. If these blokes can't speak English, how can they read addresses? I'm sure their mailbags are computer sorted beforehand (or something similar), but I still get incorrect mail delivered to me, these fellas won't have a clue. Does that make me racist too?
  10. Guzzler - it sounds to me as if you're just trying to have a little pop simply because you can. Standard Matlot behaviour - hope you've enjoyed yourself.

    Now getting back to Seafarers comment – I don’t believe it is racist to moan about the fact that non English speakers get jobs as postmen in the UK and, whilst not exactly a major news story, it is relevant in terms of some of the problems that are indicative of life in Britain today. This may well be the lunacy of quotas at work again or simply the post office at its typical best. That said you can’t possibly deny the idiocy of hiring personnel to do a job which requires reading postal addresses written in English and interacting with English citizens (customers) on a route which probably varies at regular intervals if they can’t understand the language.

    As for Seafarer - a link to the story would probably provide a little more perspective on this one.

  11. ... oh yeah, and play nicely you lot!!

  12. SF

    Para 1 - No I'm not and no I didn't. I find it offensive that such comments are made, and feel I wish to comment on something I have strong feelings about.

    Para 2 - I do. He has brought up a minor news item (from where I do not know) on a Royal Navy message board. He has not brought up the world financial crisis, the 'Tapas Seven' (good God, it gets worse, but that's a different story) or even Plymouth Argyle's amazing turn around. His agenda is clearly one of knee-jerk reaction to something he doesn't want to understand because he is a reactionary bigot.

    Para 3 - Yes it would wouldn't it?
  13. Guzzler
    Just because a person starts a topic which involves non white British people does not make him a racist.
    The complaint was that non English persons of Somali origin are employed as postmen. This aligned with them expecting to be granted privileged over and above ALL other postmen caused a certain member to feel aggrieved.
    Personally I agree with SF1939, however I do not agree that the 2 million out of work are being denied a chance of work, the benefits are far too high for many of them to take a postmans job.
    It has become standard for many in this country to shout racism as soon as any race other than English is put into a statement.
    From your previous posts you are certainly a member of that category.
    So get off your high horse and if you love our ethnic friends so much volunteer to work in the third world and make it a place good enough for them to want to return to.
  14. Why should I?

    It's not me that wants them to return.
  15. Do I take it that you subscribe to the open door policy where anyone from anywhere can enter and live in the UK?
    If not what policies would you like to see initiated to control immigration?
  16. Hey guys, two points to make here.

    How many ex-pats in Spain can speak a word of Spanish?

    How much time is taken by people having a smoke at work?
  17. If the question was whether muslims regardless of race or nationality should have time to pray then it would not be racist, but by pointing out they are Somalis makes it racist.

    Now personally I have little time for those of any religious persuasion, and would suggest that no employer should be obliged to encourage any for of religious activity.
  18. Sorry Maxi
    I have to disagree with you on this one.
    If SF had stated that they were Muslim he would have been labelled anti Muslim. He was in a no win situation. Stating where people come from is not racist. If I were to make a statement beginning Maxi that well known Scot on RR is ...................................... I would not be making a racist statement, merely informing the reader of your origin. Seems the whole racism issue has got out of hand to the point where many are afraid to raise issues fearing the reprisals.
    On your second point I find myself in total agreement. Religion has no place in the workplace (unless you are a minister doing your work). Time off to pray is not a right and never should be.
    Time off for smoking, as a non smoker I don't see why smokers should be allowed any other breaks than those given to the rest of the workforce.
  19. Slim it would appear we are going to differ on this, i am quite convinced the motivation for this thread was at best xenophobic and most likely racist, not least necause I am sure there are many other moslems in the post office and I suspect also a fair number of them have maid enqueries about prayer time yet no comment has been made before, but when two somalis make the request the proverbial hits the fan.
  20. Not postmen. Possibly tea-makers or something?

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