Somali pirate sues Germany

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by Crabman, Apr 14, 2009.

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  1. A Somali pirate who was a temporary guest of the German Navy before being handed over to the Kenian authorities wants to sue for material damages and the suffering he will endure in a Kenian prison, lack of sanitary facilities, risk of disease and no legal defence. Oh dear poor pirate, what a shame.
    They should have ditched him along with gash. Moral of the story? Take no prisoners. Sorted.
  2. don't know what elese to say ............. SHAME .....
  3. If he's a real pirate he won't have a leg to stand on :roll: Yaarr!
  4. He'll probably get an apology, compensation and a long expensive case in the European Court of Human Rights - and an assurance it'll never happen again. Bless his cotton socks.

    The world has gone mad. Whether or not he wins, the fact he can make these claims is frankly ridiculous.
  5. Come back Lt Maynard RN all is forgiven. :cry:
  6. Funny (well, not really); the more civilised we become, the closer we seem to get to destroying our civilisation.

    No doubt Shammy Chuckabutty, Cherry Blare and yer man Shiner would be more than happy to defend Black Heart’s humungous rights; at our expense, of course. There again, I expect the boxheads have plenty of their own bleeding hearts.

  7. You are spot on there. I've seen a picture of the defending lawyers, I have seen better life forms hiding under stones.
  8. I feel sorry for his parrot,what happens to him? :(

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