Solutions For Cruising Sailors

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by HarryBosch, Jul 24, 2007.

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  1. I was sat here thinking about signing up for sailing lessons and fantasising about taking a holiday afloat someplace when I came across one of those annoying business names dreamt up by those glorified sales reps known as management consultants:

    Solutions for Cruising Sailors

    Which rather begs the question: What do cruising sailors need to know?

    Edited to clarify that the name is not a web link, but it is a true business name.
  2. Link Harry?
  3. Mikh,
    Have sent pm.
  4. Oi!!

    What do I sell then?


    Miffed, Dubai.
  5. Is that the 'sister' site to Cottaging Sailors???
  6. If a sailor goes 'Dogging' would he call it 'Sea-dogging' instead?
  7. I think you're beginning to lose the thread with this one Harry.


  8. BEGINNING SF??????

  9. I have got to admit, why would a sailor who is cruising need a solution, and a solution to what?

    Now if it was 'Solutions for cruising management consultants' I could understand it.

    awaiting incoming from miffed of dubai
  10. OK GR, I was trying to be generous!!

  11. There are some who like to say the glass is half full whilst others believe it is half empty .... but the management consultant will tell you it is twice as big as it needs to be!

    Convinced that many of these consultant types have cost HMF a lot of dosh over the years asking questions which we already knew, to get answers we more or less had and then tell us what we already knew. Funny how it always results in a large bill from them and a cut in some capability or other for us.

    Talk about borrowing your watch to tell you the time....

  12. A solution to beer goggles, so that the morning terrors of waking up next to someone you wouldn't want to be seen with in daylight/sober are reduced, if not totally consigned to the days of yore (a display or diorama in the Imperial War Museum springs to mind) , would be of benefit to all.
  13. fkukinmumblecruisinggrumblebastidcuntsultantmublefukwitgrumblegrabyer'atmumble
  14. That, sir would be an exhibit I'd go to see esp as IWM is free to visit, (could you arrange it to visit IWM North in Manchester to cut down on train fare)

    Now would it be hungover Jack sneaking out before sleeping Gila Monster wakes, with his boots in one hand, Gizzits in the other and a pair of soiled undies (not sure who's) hanging from pocket.


    Would he be backing out promising her the earth (after waking her up & giving her a portion) trying vaguely to remember her name and hoping she can't remember his..........

    Both in a seedy bedsit with a crusty kitchenette with a bottle of matelots Rose (empty of course) with a candle in it (romantic) and a overflowing ashtray on the bedside stool. Clothes various strewn around the floor and cleanish ones hanging over the sink to dry.

    I'm sure I must have [email protected] Tracy Emin :naka: Was she a bit of an Heifer?

    Anyway whats this got to do with a consultancy (barstewards pinch all my ideas), then cut & paste a report, save it and use it at next hospital. Seen it in hard copy black & white..........Grrr

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