Solidarity! We want none of that nonsense here

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by finknottle, Sep 10, 2010.

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  1. The French have been out in force to protest against Mr. Sarkozy's proposal to raise the standard pension age to 62 from the current 60 years old, lucky bastards I say as our governments plans are to raise the state pension age for men from 65 to 66 from 2016, and to 68 by 2046. Women will move to a state pension age of 66 a few years after men.

    What do we Brits do other than whinge on forums and down the boozer, well I will tell you what we do, we bend over quietly and say ‘right Dave’ I am ready for my punishment even though the reasons for it are no fault of mine, what a nation of pitiable sods we have become.
  2. Re: Solidarity

    Hang on a minute, Finky, there's only you whingeing at the moment, you pitiable sod!
    I hope you're well lubed?
  3. Re: Solidarity

    I am working on it. :)
  4. Re: Solidarity

    I join you in the lubing Fink but as I retired at 60 so I'm afraid its fuck em pull the ladder up Jack I'm inboard. :roll: 8O
  5. I just thought that you could always do what I did a few years ago if you feel so strong about an issue, put yourself up for election.
    I fought and won a seat on the local council as a ratepayer because I felt more than a bit pissed off.
    We actually split the parties and held the casting vote in many another issue.
  6. Good on ya Rumrat you are a credit to the electorate, but sadly it's not for me.
  7. Retire at 68 by 2046 thought the world was ending in 2012. Or have I been misinformed again
  8. Credit is not exactly the description the leader of the pre election ruling party attached to me and the other two ratepayers.
    "Malignant growth on the good order of the community" are the exact utterings of a certain councillor, and "a physical manifestation of an electorate tantrum with an attitude problem" was the other descriptive prose we were flattered with. :roll: 8O
  9. Was it V8 or Raffers who fed you the line, they've both been leading me astray. :(
  10. So we are a nation of forelock tugging wimps unlike the French who have a healthy disrespect for authority. :)
  11. Indeed we could learn a thing or two from the frogs when it comes protesting about government excesses, maybe that attitude come from being a citizen of a republic?
  12. We could burn all polititians as they are fcuk all use instead of sheep, sheep are tasty and for some, unwilling bed partners.
  13. We could, but it's early days yet the shit won't hit the fan till after Christmas.
  14. :evil: I hope that you stuck one on the pompous cnuts or at least the verbal equiviliant[however it's spelt.] :twisted:
  15. :naka: I am a don't give a fcuk bloody minded old labour "Wot abart the workers :?: "who thinks that Stalin was a dangerous wooly minded liberal. :twisted: I am a bred in the bone republican and I admire the French for thier stands on social justice! Brits do winge in the pub. I'v e been a shop steward in the T&G.W.U. as a trucker :frustrated: and fought the bastards ever inch of the way;- and demonstrated against and fought the Ted Heath Government's Industrial relations bill. I see it all resurging again . :? As I stroke victim I rely on some benifits. :( AND THAT SMUG TORY BASTARD OSBOURN IS DEMONISING PEOPLE LIKE ME SO THAT WHEN THE CUTS COME THOSE OF YOU WHO ARE NOT EFFECTED WILL SAY"WELL THEIR ALL SCROUNGERS AFTER ALL." THE THUGGISH TORY TRASH CAN ROT IN HELL AND WILL NEVER CHANGE THIER SPOTS. :evil: I'LL BE THERE WITH MY KNITTING WHEN THR TUMBRILS ROLL :!: :headbang: AND THAT GOES DOUBLE FOR ANY SURVIVING PIGS OF MY ERA, 1950S. AND I'M COLD STONE SOBER;- WHO WHANTS A FIGHT :evil:
  16. Yes I see the typoos and spelling fcuk ups and I regret fcuk all :twisted:
  17. I'll drink to that but the pc brigade may accused you of pigism :wink:

  18. Oh God, its totally as I suspected, Jesse is a pink fluffy woos, with more compassion than Florence Nightingale.
    Its people like you holding back and being empathic that lost us the Empire.
    Pansy :roll: :D :wink:
  19. I take it your not a fan of Maggie then

  20. 8) I'm pleased to relate that Jesse has received massive intakes liquid cocktails of tranqulisers had a peaceful night and feels better this morning. :roll: The mental health team will make a home visit this afternoon :!: Mrs Jesse :(

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