Solicitor recommendations please


I'm looking for a solicitor to deal with my house move. I need one who is familiar with forces help to buy (new LSAP). I had planned to use Biscoes in pompey because they where excellent last time, but they didn't know about FHTB. Any recommends would be very welcome, Yeovil area would be nice but not essential.

Many thanks in advance
I'm looking for exactly the same. There are a few on the 'Legal' page of website, with varying prices. The ones I'm going to give a call today are Forces Financial. They quote £400 plus VAT & fees, which is the cheapest (except dodgy online only solicitors quoting £250), to sell a property, and same to buy, plus £50 off if you use them for both selling and buying. Without VAT & fees, it is £50 cheaper than any other quote I've seen so far, from reputable solicitors.
If you, or anyone else find an alternative, please post contact details...


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