Soldiers need loans to eat, report reveals

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by Passed-over_Loggie, May 11, 2008.

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    The report is about problems in the Army but I strongly suspect there are similar problems shore side in the Andrew.


    My how things have improved in 61 years.


    "Four good meals a day". "Everything's Free".
  2. If tis true, another insult to our Armed Forces -shows what you get when you have a party in power where none of them have served. BASTARDS !!
  3. That's the one thing I really resented about being a VM, having to pay for food that I never ate. The authorities controlled soooo much of what I could and couldn't do that I rebelled (in my own little way) and stayed well away from the galley. Sucker you may say....probably. I found living in tolerable....(if only they left us alone for rounds and stopped poking their noses into everything and asking stupid bone questions that they had NO intention of remembering the answers to).
    I suspect that quite a few of the boys and girls will be doing the same as I did and give the galley a miss!
    If service personnel can't afford to eat though then there is something seriously wrong with their personal they've got enough for fags and booze though!
  4. Exactamundo Seljuk, few Pubs or Tobacconists in Garrison towns go broke.
    I would still like to see the Armed Forces adequately paid, round about the same level as the bastard MPs who vote to send them into harms way.

    Won't be holding my breath for that one to eventuate.
  5. PAYD bugs me the heirachy say we wanted it but all we really wanted was not to be charged for weekends whilst we were at home. And soon they will blame us for bringing in a pants service
  6. What a load of bollox,the only reason why pongoes have ran out of money, is because they have pissed it up in the first two weeks, just like us jack.

    This is all due to PAYD or pay as you starve.
    Total shit but hey ho, if it gets us more money wot the hell , carry on embellishing the truth.

    By the way, where the **** was fluxite when i was a mechanic.
  7. In the late forties/early fifties, that advert was a real crowd puller. We had all been used to "tightening our belts" since 1939, and the services were entitled to enhanced rations, more than the civvy population had. I know that my (then) future Mother-in-law, used to welcome me with open arms on weekends and leave when I brought my ration coupons with me and she could buy those "little extras". (I wasn't interested in food, just "little extras" from her daughter!)
    Being paid fortnightly, "in the hand," I don't know how I would have dealt with the current situation, but, for what it's worth ----
    My shore going oppo in 52/53 was a just made up AB, (I was an OD cook). When we'd had our run ashore, and were counting the few shekels we had left, he was all for big eats, I was for a few more fags or another beer. It's just that I knew I could eat as much as I wanted the following day, whereas he could only eat what was provided at mealtimes.
    There were obviously certain advantages to being a cook!

    Just to prove I'm not a sadistic b****rd, he normally used to get his big eats.

    I do sympathize with young people in the services now. They have most probably had little training in personal discipline, including how to manage their finances. We, in the fifties, had been on a tight rein all our life (I was nearly four when war broke out), and were used to "making do" and all the other wartime restrictions.

    Sorry for the wandering - it's a particularly flavoursome Chilean Merlot - but, in general I am in agreement with Isadirty - there are far too few people who have experience of anything except politics and the law in positions of power in this country.
    Hows about a requirement for all those aspiring to a life in politics having to complete a period of "National Service" (in it's broader sense) first.

  8. lsa dirty is at the very bottom of his 2nd 3 litre bottle of cider, but just about capable of coherent speech. I worked for the MoD in London from 1989 till 2003, not in a policy branch, but found that those who were, understood little, and knew sweet FA about the military, and even less about the military ethos that we all know and love. No matter how much input I made, the civvy opinion always prevailed. Thank feck somebody else fought the 2 Gulf Wars - the MoD didn't do very much to help
  9. Just draining my second bottle of merlot.
    Cheers ISA.

  10. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    "...need a loan"? Hardly; choose to is more likely - and probably due to poor personal admin... :roll:
  11. Why are the young lads always short of money these days?

    Just look in a car park outside a JR's accommodation block.
  13. Never mind the food, the bas***ds use to charge us for Accomadation when we were at sea!
  14. The modern serviceman's pay while not being fantastically high is better than many jobs pay outside. This coupled with reasonably cheap food and accommodation charges should mean that the Single man/woman is adequately financed.
    The married man has recourse to working tax credits and service married quarters, once more at reasonable rates.
    What is required and this should be across the board (service and civilian) are lessons in financial control and budgeting..
  15. "The married man has recourse to working tax credits"

    A serving member of the Armed Forces shouldn't need to be on a benefit, he/she should be paid better :[email protected]
  16. So by how much should the salary be reduced to compensate, and fund, this and how would you propose compensating those who choose to live out? An additional allowance for those who are married?
  17. Tax credits are not really benefits. In the old days before the government screwed with the taxation system everyone had a different tax code (the point at which tax started to be collected). So a single man had a much lower code than a married man with 4 kids. Likewise someone with a mortgage also had tax relief on the interest paid.
    Now we all get the same ridiculously low point at which tax is paid, single or married with kids.
    So effectively the government has introduced a far more complex tax system which many do not understand.
    I have not been able to find the RN pay scales but assume that they are similar to the army but with only two bands.
    The rates of pay for army private to Lance corporal range from the lowest private at £15677 to highest Lance corporal at £26674.
    Think that these rates are too low?
    Suggest you take a look at civilian rates of pay for unskilled/semi skilled workers.
    Service pay is better in many cases than the civilian equivalent job pays.
    I know that their are dangers but that's the price of life in a blue suit
  18. Whilst doing SRCC in early 2005, we had a PO Chock head on our course who was a part2 instructor down a RNAS Culdrus who at the time were doing trials with PAYD. Funny old thing one of his top drips was having to deal with young recruits who had run out of money by week three of the month and therefore couldn't feed themselves until payday! Like previously stated there’s nothing wrong with the system just the people in it, for myself I never wanted PAYD and was quite happy with the very reasonable Food & Accomm charges. Those that didn't agree with it or any thing else about living in barracks went RA! problem solved really, but I suppose like with most modern trends some people want all the benefits of living in but none of the hardships!
  19. Having experienced PAYD while on a course at a Crab base, it didn't take long to work out the pitfall of people running out of money before the end of the month.
    I can't understand why people are not charged at the end of a month for the meals they have already eaten.

    If an ID card can be read for drugs testing to prove who someone is, then why cant it be used in the galley to purchase meals. That way the amount of pay in the box at the bottom right hand corner of the pay slip is what you have to play with for the month. This way no one will go hungry through lack of money, and the risk of having to borrow from their oppos, to be paid back on pay day, making the situation worse, will be reduced.

  20. £26674 is way more than you can expect to get semi-skilled as a Civi, it's a pretty good wage for a skilled trade.

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