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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by justadrama, Jul 17, 2014.

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  1. After spending 8yrs in the royal engineers and 7 years not being able to hack civvi street, I've decided to join as a chef submariner and have just passed my RT and awaiting permission to process from Glasgow.
    Just wondering if anyone has made the jump before and how Raleigh compares to ATR's and how long the permission to process took?

  2. People can read and write at Raleigh
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  3. Should have expected constructive comments posting on a military site!
  4. You do realise that the RN Chef course..........

    Oh never mind.

    Good luck Percy
  5. PS As you were in the RE, then Blackrat has a cap tally for you!
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  6. It's not an official military site, and you are communicating with sarcastic ex and serving matelots!

    Anyway, regarding training, I would say RN training isn't a physically challenging as Army however what I have read on here the phys is a lot more than when I joined.
  7. The banter and craic is one of the main reasons I want back in!

    Blackrat and cap tally???
    Excuse my ignorance but the funk is them?

    I've read about the IMF in 2hr sessions, I dont remember being in the gym for any longer than an hour unless we were on battle pt, I'm not overly concerned about doing basic but its always good to get a wee heads up!!
  8. Talking of cap tallies, who was it that posted the photo of the cap tallies mounted by his better half as a gift. Thinking of getting mine done as I am becoming Jack as F*ck lately and while the wife is in a good mood I could get them on the wall!
  9. Seen!
    Can't imagine why the R.E. Would need one though.

    While people are being helpful and not givin me sh*t for bein a pongo is there Any other handy bits of stuff I should know, or would be handy?
  10. Don't show your palm when you salute

    Prob best not to attempt digging a trench when you get on board either?
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  11. One of the first things the recruiting staff told me was I would learn how to march and salute properly.

    How are the different ranks addressed?
    The army has sapper/private, cpl, Sgt, staff etc.
  12. Don't stamp your foot when you come to attention, plus the naval version of Redcaps are called Regulators. You can't join direct as a Regulator (or crusher as they prefer to be called), it's a sideways entry branch.

    If you need to go to the Regulating office for any reason, just ask them where all the branch failures hang out and they'll assist you in any way they can.
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  13. In order scrote/shitforbrains, Leading hand, PO, Chief (aka God) then everything else is Sir.
  14. You forgot RP zero's, just to confuse matters
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  15. So.... dont dig trenches in a boat, ask about the branch failures when talkin to regulators and call everybody "fella"??
  16. ImageUploadedByNavy Net - Rum Ration1405627663.798347.jpg ..............
  17. I knew coming here for answers would stand me in good stead for training!

    I'll be top recruit!
  18. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    There are a couple of lads on here, but I think they are at Raleigh at the moment (Chefs) Dapperdum is a time served chef
  19. What is it like for posting after training?

    What I mean is can you ask for a specific boat or station and how often are you posted?

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