Soldier son battles deportation

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by slim, Mar 13, 2007.

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  1. This is a case where the government needs to rethink it's policies. They were happy for her sons to fight for our country but then apply the rules rigidly to a lady who is presently giving her services free of charge and also training to be a nurse.

    I am normally to the right of Genghis Khan, but this is one immigrant family which has earned its right to citizenship.
  2. She has more of a right to stay in this country than some of the people who where born here who sponge off the tax payers send one of then back in her place :evil: :evil: :evil:
  3. There are times I think they pick n eole like this because they know it will hit the headlines so they can show the anti assylum seekers and anti immigrant people they are doing just what they are asking for.

    This is just what the Daily Wail campaigns for a hard no nonsense approach to assylum seekers. Simple rules and no exceptions.
  4. I don't think that even the Daily Mail would see this as fair. The Mail normally campains for the removal of bogus asylumsekers. Those who abuse our benefit system and break our laws.
  5. According to the home office she IS a failed assylum seeker.

    Now I may agree that she has perhaps more of a right to stay than some and that the immigration service attitude to such people is wrong, but they will simply say they are applying the rules called for by the Daily Wail and it's appologists.

    This is exactly the sort of result from the past campaign that in general all assylum seekers were bad and just cheating economic migrants.
  6. Sounds about right for this country! Chuck out the loyal ones keep the traitors! Standard Labour policy - close down the army and make it easier for the reds to take over! Don't it make you proud! Hell to use a 'Sun' headline her 'BOYs' are OUR 'boys' would a petition be any good here! If we can have petitions about road tax why not the mother of some good soldiers!
  7. How typical of this country of ours.

    Its okay for the likes of Hamza and his vile tribe of hate mongerers to reside here and generally abuse the hospitality shown. However, a mother who has had her son serve in our Army and fight in Iraq is told to leave.

    Perhaps she can take the whole of the Labour party with her when she goes. ;-)
  8. This stinks of yet another jobs worth/pc correct civil servant trying to make a point.
    After all why should we keep a hard working/loyal person in this country when we can keep the low life/ scum that we have imported?
  9. As Safewalrus said earlier, Who knows how to start one of the Downing Street petitions ?
    Lets show some solidarity with this guy.
  10. +1 mate
  11. It's the whole target-led culture of Blair's Britain. They focus on the 'soft targets' so that they can get their quotas. The actual criminals are too scary, so they leave them alone.

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