Soldier refusing to return to Afghanistan



First soldier to speak out against Afghanistan.

A serving soldier who is refusing to return to Afghanistan has delivered a letter to the Prime Minister urging him to "bring our soldiers home".

L/Cpl Joe Glenton, of the Royal Logistic Corps, delivered his letter to 10 Downing Street on Thursday.

He said: "I know that the Afghan people are very resilient. I can't see us getting much further."

The soldier, who lives in York, faces a preliminary court martial on Monday for refusing to go back to Afghanistan.

In his letter he claims the war in Afghanistan is being fought in the interests of US foreign policy.

Nimrod crash

L/Cpl Glenton is believed to be the first serving soldier to speak out against the government's policy.

He said that a Nimrod crash in 2006 was a key event which left him disillusioned with the war during his first tour of Afghanistan.

Fourteen men were killed when an RAF Nimrod spy plane exploded over Afghanistan on 2 September 2006, shortly after undergoing air-to-air refuelling.

The war in Afghanistan is... bringing death and devastation to their country - Britain has no business there
L/Cpl Joe Glenton

L/Cpl Joe Glenton's letter to the PM

L/Cpl Glenton said: "Carrying coffins from where they were stored by forklift truck down to the medical centre, that's certainly something that has stayed with me, humping bodies around on this forklift truck."

Taliban forces and the British Army are simply "grinding each other down" and achieving nothing, he said.

The soldier went on: "I don't believe our cause is just. I think it's adversely affecting the Afghan people as well as the British Army and their families.

"I think it has become part of the problem rather than the solution."

He has already served in Afghanistan and was due to return, but he refused and is currently on leave.

He is facing a preliminary court martial hearing in Oxfordshire next week.

Chris Nineham, of the Stop The War Coalition, said it was a "very significant moment" in the campaign against the Afghanistan conflict.

He said: "There is no question there is a lot of dissatisfaction and discontent among the armed forces about Britain's involvement in Afghanistan and L/Cpl Glenton is the first serving soldier to express these views."

Since the war in Afghanistan began eight years ago, 191 UK service personnel have died.


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Re: Soldier refusing to return to Affers

And the flip side of this is a young squaddie who lost a leg and still pressed hard to get back with his mates.

So who is right and who is wrong?

These lads have my full admiration as I couldn't do what they do, that's why I was a matelot.

A SQUADDIE who lost his leg in Iraq has gone back to war in Afghanistan two years later.
Gutsy Trooper Steve Shine, 25, has made history as the quickest turn-round of any leg amputee in the British Army.

In April 2007 he was driving a Challenger II tank in Basra, with his beloved Chelsea flag flying proudly, when it was hit by a massive mine.

Steve, known as "Shiny" to his mates in 2nd Royal Tank Regiment (2RTR), was evacuated home where his entire left leg was amputated.

He astounded doctors with his iron will to walk again and even took part in a skiing championship against able- bodied soldiers.

And instead of opting to remain safe in the UK, he begged to be deployed to Afghanistan.

By June he was back in the combat zone.

And he has performed a vital role at Camp Bastion keeping comrades involved in Operation Panther's Claw supplied with shells while toiling in 38°C (100°F) heat up to 12 hours a day.

Mother Frances, 48, of Paddington, West London, said: "I am so proud of him - he wanted to serve alongside his fellow tankies again."

General Sir Antony Walker, a former CO of 2RTR, said Steve had shown "fantastic regimental spirit".


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Re: Soldier refusing to return to Affers

His personal opinion has nothing whatsoever to do with the fact that he signed on as a soldier. You can't choose where you fight. That is the nature of the service. Does he think that he is the only one that might disagree with political decisions? I would think that the majority of servicmen, at some time or other, have questioned the orders that they were given. That does not mean that the choice is yours. As a serviceman you get on with the task you are given to the best of your ability. If you can't hack it, DON'T JOIN!
Surely he knows that he is on a hiding to nothing. The 'court' will not allow a precedent to be set by being soft with him.
Re: Soldier refusing to return to Affers

Hang on, so he last went on Herrick in 2006, yet has happily taken the queens shilling for 3 years before deciding to object, despite knowing that you're almost certain to do a couple of tours?

If he felt that bad about it he should have banged his chit in 3 years ago, all well and good serving your country when it suits him then?


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Re: Soldier refusing to return to Affers

I have to agree with MLP and Granny.

Looks like he wants to get out of going which I admit is different to the usual back problems lol


Re: Soldier refusing to return to Affers

I've edited my above post to appease the Nazi's in this thread :roll:

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Re: Soldier refusing to return to Affers

What a waste of space. All the lefties and do gooders on the news comments don't realise that A: some other poor sod will have to go out in this T%&ts place, probably someone who has only just got back. B: the effect this has on morale of the boys out there when they see this whingeing get trying to shirk his duty.

It's amazing how he has suddenly grown a conscience after 3 years just prior to going out there again. If someone had a real conviction that the afghan situation was wrong then they would have left just after returning from their first tour and begun campaigning then.

The real pi&&er is that all the trendies and do gooders seem to think that he speaks for the rest of the armed forces and that soon everyone will be doing it.

Lower than a snake's belly


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I suppose Cherie Blair and other Human Rights ambulance chasers will now be on his case like a flash with taxpayers cash.
I never wanted to go to Scapa Flow but did I moan?No! just stuck out the hell hole for a week.
The sound of shepherds zips going up and down was hard on the ears but we managed to hold out.
Get him charged or some other poor sod will have to take his place then he will be classed as a coward for the rest of his life.


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Pathetic. His timing is rather appropriate (for him that is). Take the shilling do the time. Simple as that.

MLP - why would he be at Colly? I presume we are talking Collingwood?
Woooooooooooooooooah. There was some epic post choppage there! And no explanation again, what a cnut.

He'll be going to Colchester nick Flymo. For a long time I should think, refusing to deploy and talking to the press?

He's fcuked, and rightly so.