Soldier recounts experiences in Selly Oak


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There was summat similar on ITN news last night.

The only Forces hospital left is ours at Haslar, and it's empty! There's no staff to man it.

All the medics are sent off to work in the NHS to gain experience aren't they?


Aye your right there shakey , we have loads of them here at Derriford , we would be right in the shit without them , :?


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Surely the obvious answer here is to get Haslar up and running for all Service personnel,
I thought that it was still running as an NHS Hospital, with plans to shut it down shortly.
Shakey said:
There was summat similar on ITN news last night.

An excellent piece with Simon Weston calling for a dedicated military hospital.

Also, shows what a bad move it was to close RAF Wroughton - close to Lyneham, Brize Norton as well as having its own airfield!


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RH Haslar is an MOD asset and will remain so while the Portsmouth NHS need to keep using it. It is therefore not too late to stop its being handed over to the bean counters as a sop to Service expenditure. What about getting all RR contributors, their families, friends, acquaintances and the ubiquitous "anyone else that knows me" to lobby their MPs about retaining the old place as a military secondary care asset.

Move all the rehab work from Headley Court to Haslar, which would give a much better opportunity to retain in-patients, more opportunity for the families of the severely injured to be accommodated close by while their loved ones are being prepared for their futures, usually outside the Services, and give Service people at least the impression that someone cares about their return from ops.

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