Soldier has baby in Afghanistan

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by TeddyT, Sep 20, 2012.

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  1. A British servicewoman gives birth to a baby boy at Camp Bastion in Afghanistan, having not realised she was pregnant.
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  2. Being Royal Artillery she probably coughed it out in the portaloos and was only alerted to the birth by the bigger than normal splash.
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  3. Must have been a good Christmas bash............
  4. Maybe she will be headhunter by the " Intellegence Corps" :smile:
  5. People! have been sending in names for the sprog, Sebastian, a play on the place of birth is winning so far, lucky little chap.

    She could call him Olsbigot, one last shag before I go on tour.
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  6. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    First image of baby released by media:

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  7. Well it wasnt Rummers did the deed, too good looking, unless it takes after its mum.
  8. There's some resemblance to Rummers, he's a helmet! :)
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  9. Reminds me of the one about the school girl that comes home and tells her parents....'I'm pregnant'
    'Pregnant' yells the dad..... 'How did that happen?'
  10. I do hope the powers that be.....who are considering putting females is submarines......are taking note.
    Or is the NAAFI going to have a sub branch (no pun intended) of Mothercare onboard. :safe:
  11. You'll be lucky to find somewhere for a sherman on a boat never mind your leg over
  12. Not been to the States on a boat then...............? ;)

  13. Or Liverpool
  14. I have,twice, but being a bit slow thats too cryptic for me
  15. Fantastic story. A little new life out of all that death.

    Deployed in March, on the pill, no wonder she didn't know......

    For once, there's been a bit of good news,so glad they are both safe and well.
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  16. So,... what you're saying is...........the pill doesn't work..... I'll bear that in mind !!! :safe:
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  17. Better test all women for pregnancy before deployment.
  18. So am I correct in assuming from the above that S-B and Topstop have had wanks on boats then?
  19. Just curious what would be the case with a submarine on deployment should this happen with serving on them?

    (No this isn't a don't think women should go on subs thing btw)
  20. They'll be tested before sailing I would imagine, and probably before deploying with the army now, remember where you heard it first.

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