Soldering- What have I done here then?

Just out of curiosity,

I've just put two Great British designed and built pick ups into my USA-designed, Japanese made Jackson DKM2 guitar in place of the old uns.

Very basic soldering job, new soldering iron and I've managed one of the total four connections and seems good. Went to heat connections and ground the earth and no heat from the tip.

Soldering iron tip is guffed even though it is new. Can melt the solder (lead-free with flux core) no problem on the SIDE of the iron but the very tip is pretty much useless.

Very new to soldering, done it once before with no problems using an electrician friend's kit and not the 30w £5 one I bought the other day. Sponged the tip slightly between attempts and kept tinned as best as I could.

Any ideas?


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Hmmmmm,,,,take the iron back. Make sure you tin your connections before trying a join. And wipe & clean with a damp sponge regularly. Without having a look it sounds like a gash iron or the iron is not man enough to transfer the heat to the cable core.
Since I'm poor at this I got an average wattage (30w) one so I didn't cook anything. I reckon you're right about the iron, I stripped it and put it back making sure it's connecting right and what-not, but the heat won't go to the 1mm tip and up to about 1/2in. Beyond these, the solder melts no probs. Due to the cavity in the guitar body I can't angle it right to heat/solder using the edge.

:idea: Actually, I can probably take out the components and then I can solder using the edge. -10 points for not thinking of this before putting it back together. I won't be using the iron again anyway, £5 was alright to save around £30 on having a shop do it.



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Don't give up mate, just get a new iron. You should'nt be using the side of the iron (If I've caught what your saying right), only use the flat tip.

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